What Does Your Promotional Writing Tool Say About Your Brand

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  • Published October 17, 2012
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From the free pens you receive in your hotel room to the fancy ones used in the lobby of high-end investment companies, you will find branded pens almost everywhere you reach. However, there is a good reason for this. Promotional writing tools for your business can have a profound effect on creating an easy way for your customers to remember your brand. Because of their efficacy, having the right pen can help you send a signal about what your brand stands for, the culture behind your company and the quality of your product.

With this in mind, here are a few tips to help you choose which promotional writing tool is best for your business and brand.

• Try the tried and true ballpoint.

For companies that simply want to promote their brand with a free giveaway, the tried and true ballpoint is a good choice. This option is inexpensive, so your company can get quite a few at a low cost. It is highly effective because it is easy to carry, and it can be used in most offices.

• Splurge a little sometimes.

Not all ballpoints are the typical stick figure pens that you see in most hotels and restaurants. Instead, high-end businesses that require their employees to wear suits each day usually arm their staff and provide their customers with pens that are a cut above. This sends a signal of class, and while more expensive, spending a little more shows that the company cares about its quality, down to even the last detail.

• Choose the more fun and free spirited option.

Is your company one that provides a unique service or product that can allow you to get away with a more fun image? If so, choose promotional items that can bring a little bit of humor with it wherever it goes. Syringe style pens to be used in hospitals, for example, can give patients a smile and be a fun talking point for nurses. You can also choose colored options to give your customers something more fun to write with.

• Make a permanent impression.

You want the impression you make on your clients to last, not just for the short term but permanently. Show them this by giving away permanent markers instead of ballpoint writing tools. These are perfect for companies that provide presentation or teaching tools where permanent markers may be used more regularly.

Not all pens are created equally, and with so many being used by companies everywhere, it is important that you really consider your choices wisely. This will keep you in the forefront of your customers’ minds and deliver a signal of your quality and spirit that is sure to leave a long lasting impression.

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