Six Categories of Promotional Apparel and How to Use Them Effectively

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  • Published February 13, 2013
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When choosing promotional products for your marketing campaigns, it is essential to take into consideration your own company's operations, as well as the likely demographics of your target audience. Put simply, you should know both who you are as a company and who your customers are as people. By factoring these identity issues into your overall marketing strategy, you can select the right promotional products and apparel for your clients and your company's public image. Here are six common types of promotional clothing and the most appropriate use of each type of apparel.


Designed to dress a baby up in style, these adorable promotional items can be decorated with your corporate logo or a cute slogan related to your product lines. These are most often used to promote toy stores, baby clothing shops and other enterprises that cater to the youngest members of the consumer community.

Underwear and sleepwear

Luxurious robes, camisoles and men's underwear can be ideal promotional material for younger adults; older individuals may find these personal items to be in poor taste, however. Nightclubs, hotels and record stores can reinforce their edgy image by offering these customized promotional items for their guests and customers.

Sweatshirts and hoodies

As staples of the modern teen and young adult wardrobe, sweatshirts and hoodies are ideal promotional choices for clothing stores that cater to these individuals. Video game stores and arcades can also offer these items as prizes or rewards for loyal customers.

Caps and hats

Older adults are the most likely targets for baseball caps and other hats, although children may also enjoy these versatile headwear options. Classic designs and comfortable fits are the keys to success with these items, which are most often offered by large department and chain stores, auto dealerships and service-related industries.


Cardigans and other sweaters are ideally suited for employees in upscale industries. These promotional items are not generally intended for customers and are often personalized to create a professional image and enhanced company branding in hotels, airports, car rental agencies and other commercial entities. The classic cardigan or sweater is available in designs to suit both men and women in these and other corporate enterprises.

Polo shirts

Another item generally reserved for employee wear, polo shirts offer a more relaxed uniform option for individuals in a wide range of industrial and commercial activities. Company logos can boost name recognition among customers in automotive repair facilities, department stores, supermarkets and other casual commercial venues.

By integrating these six types of promotional apparel into your company's overall branding and marketing strategies, you can enhance your visibility and create added name recognition for your company and its products and services. This can allow you to enjoy growing revenues and improved positioning in the competitive modern marketplace.

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