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Located in South Asia, Bangladesh shares most of its border with the encompassing India, its only other neighbour being Myanmar in the south east with the Bay of Bengal lying directly to the south. Although remaining a relatively unknown holiday destination to the rest of the world, Bangladesh is a country with many places to visit from bustling cities to UNESCO world heritage sites to Cox's Bazar, the longest sea beach in the world.

What to see:

As a county, Bangladesh offers a multitude of places to visit.

The capital Dhaka is a densely populated and congested metropolis considered one of the most frantic places on earth, although with its estimated 400,00 rickshaws (the highest of any city in the world) getting around should be of no problem. Since the war of liberation in 1971 Dhaka has been developing fast as a modern city and is the country’s political and commercial centre.

As with any major city there are many attractions and sights to visit but some of the most popular are Lalbagh Fort (a 17th century Mughal Fort), the Liberation War Museum and on the outskirts of the city Sonargaon (the ancient capital of Bengal during Isa Khan's ruling).

Out with its cities Bangladesh is a country of vast natural beauty. To the far south east lies Cox Bazar, the longest unbroken sea beach in the world, boasting pristine sandy beaches, coconut palms and tropical climates. On the opposite coast bordering India's West Bengal lies the Sundarbans ('beautiful forests') which is the largest single mangrove forest in the world.


Bangladesh has a tropical climate with a generally mild winter running from October to March and a hot humid summer from March to June. As a country Bangladesh has never been frozen at ground level with the lowest recorded temperature being 4.5°C in 2011.

Be aware though that Bangladesh is widely recognised as one of the countries most vulnerable to climate change and in 1998 has been subjected to he worst flooding in modern world history.


Enjoy fish? Then you're going to the right place. Bangladesh is known as a fish lovers paradise with most the country living of fresh water river fish and rice. Most popular is the 'national fish' Hilsa, it's very tasty but somewhat difficult to eat on account of its numerous fine bones.

If seafood isn't your thing then mixed vegetable curries are plentiful throughout Bangladesh as are a range of biryani's (anything from egg to mutton and beef).

If you are looking for snacks, boiled eggs (dhim) are popular while there is an abundance of fresh fruit with mango's being especially popular.

Travel tips:

Citizens of most countries will require a visa to enter Bangladesh which can be purchased before travel or on arrival.

To arrange accommodation, onward travel and tours use a cheap calls to Bangladesh service to save yourself money prior to your Journey.

Shahjalal International Airport in Dhaka is the principal gateway to the country if you are arriving by air.

By land, currently the only border crossings are those with India, none are possible independently from Myanmar.

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