DIY Wedding Beauty: How To Look Great On A Small Budget

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  • Author Harvey Mcewan
  • Published March 1, 2013
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There’s no getting round it: weddings are expensive. Surveys suggest that the price of the average wedding has dropped since 2008, but can still run into tens of thousands of dollars. So it’s no surprise that so many brides and grooms are turning to DIY, or DIT (Do It Together) as it’s becoming known.

Doing things yourself for your wedding – whether it’s arranging your own flowers or self-catering – isn’t just about saving money. It’s also about putting your own personal touch on proceedings, so it feels like your celebration and not just another industrial wedding. This is particularly the case with your hair and beauty, as it’s important to look like yourself on your wedding day. If you’re a bride hoping to DIY your hair and beauty, here’s a few essential tips to bear in mind.

Doing your own wedding hair

There are two key elements to doing your own wedding hair: having confidence in your decisions and practising constantly to get your style right. Professional hairdressers can charge huge amounts for wedding hairstyles for a reason: they know what they’re doing and usually have several years’ experience to back it up. So if you want your hair to be perfect on your wedding day, it’s advisable to spend several days repeatedly putting together your hairstyle of choice before the morning arrives.

This is particularly important if you’re putting your hair up. In order to avoid stress on the big day, try to keep things simple. Opt for a simple plait pinned up or a loose up do rather than a tiered hairstyle with extensions. Invest in a few important hair products but don’t go overboard. Hair spray, for instance, will be essential to keep your style in place and you might need some mousse or wax to keep tendrils in place too.

Most importantly, you’ll need a friend or two to help you. Doing your hair on your own is tricky at the best of times. With friends around, you’ll not only have extra pairs of helping hands but also moral support if things go wrong.

Your make up on your wedding day

If you’ll be applying your own make up on your wedding day, practice and planning is just as important. First, think about the look you’re going for. If you’re wearing a traditional, floor-length white dress, perhaps you’d prefer a classic look in natural and rosy hues. Alternatively, if your dress is more contemporary in style, you can afford to be a bit more creative with your make up.

Once you’ve decided on a colour palette and style you like, look at your existing range of make-up and see what’s missing. Perhaps you don’t have the exact shade of nail polish you want, or you need a new foundation. Visit a department store make up counter and tell them what you’re looking for. Often, beauty experts at these counters will give you a complete makeover for a fee, which is offset against any purchases you make. Then, when you have the materials you need, practice repeatedly until you’re confident that you can pull off the look stress-free on your wedding day. If you’re still nervous or have an unsteady hand, make sure a friend or family member is on hand to help. And leave plenty of time too so you won’t feel rushed if you make a mistake and have to start all over again.

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