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  • Published April 13, 2013
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With the current lifestyle we have these days, there is no question why more and more people are looking for ways to keep fit and healthy despite all the stress, irregular meals and unhealthy fast food chains luring them to keep up with the fast-paced life. But with the flourishing number of organic food stores, there might be hope yet for all of us.

Organic Food: The what’s and the why’s

Organic foods are, principally, produced without the involvement of any modern man-made inputs such as chemical fertilizers and synthetic pesticides. A natural organic food is not processed with the use of industrial solvents, chemical additives or irradiation.

Most people believe that foods that are grown organically are much safer, tastes better and are more nutritious compared to those grown in a conventional manner. With such belief, the demand for this type of produce has increased despite being quite costly.

Taste Better?

There is a 2009 literature review that held most studies have shown that conventional food and natural organic food taste the same. There is no noteworthy difference on the taste between the two types of foods. However, there are some well-designed researches regarding vegetables and fruits that show a more favourable vote on organic produce.

It has been found out that an organic fruit is much drier than that grown conventionally. With such, the flavouring substance is much concentrated, thus giving it a more intense taste.

Step up and be Healthy!

Changing your eating habits may be time-consuming and tricky at first. You need to chuck out that junk food habit and lift up the nutritional knowledge. Take time to read labels and identifying organic foods. The most crucial part is to get those taste buds on your side! Give them some time to take pleasure in the natural tastes because loving natural organic food is the secret to eating healthy.

• Keep your refrigerator and kitchen

pantry healthy. Stash organic and healthy foods instead of your usual junk, instant foods and microwave dinners. Help yourself to eat unprocessed foods and fresh foods such as organic raw veggies and fruits. Check the labels if they contain the USDA certification.

• It would be better if you cook your

meals so you will know what you are eating. You don’t need to prepare exotic recipes (but if you can, why not?).

• Plan your meals in advance. Writing

them down on a piece of paper helps you stick to your organic diet. There are several healthy recipes available on the internet, try checking them out to have variety.

• If you have time, why not grow your own

organic farm? All you need to remember is to keep everything natural - no synthetics. You eat what you grow. More natural,much healthier! But if you do not have the time and place, check the organic food stores near your place.

Eating organic is beneficial for everyone.

• It helps keep you healthy.

• It helps keep the farmers healthy since they won’t be exposed to pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

• It helps keep the animals healthy. No more exposure to chemical vitamins, antibiotics and growth hormones.

• It keeps our environment healthy.

So say yes to health! Start eating healthy organic food.

I am an advocate of healthy diet and lifestyle. I recommend a convenient way to get healthy organic food is through online markets as they allow you to order raw foods online.Make sure you look for money saving and free shipping.

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