Cheap Contaminated Soil Disposal

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  • Author Hugh Armstrong
  • Published May 30, 2013
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Contaminated soil is a very difficult "commodity" to dispose of cheaply and this is because of the contaminated in the soil can pose a danger to the environment not to mention the amount of space soil takes up in large amounts.

The most important factor to note when reading this article is that this soil disposal method is for companies or individuals who need to dispose of a large amount of contaminated soil without using landfills. You will not be able to dispose off a small amount of soil using this method as there is a minimum requirement.

Currently in the UK it is £64 per tonne of soil you wish to dispose off not to mention the fact that if the soil is contaminated, there is a lot of legal jargon and paperwork that needs filled out upon disposing of contaminated soil in a landfill. So you can see why a cheaper, easier way of disposing of contaminated soil would be a service many landowners, developers and other companies and individuals would be looking for.

Luckily for all the above mentioned entities a company out there called Biogenie, specialises in disposing of contaminated soil cheaply and with very little paperwork. The reason the contaminated soil disposal is so cheap is because Biogenie treat the soil over a number of months or years before selling it on. This allows the contaminated soil to be a lot cheaper to dispose of than at a landfill. The reason there is very little paperwork is because you are not disposing of the contaminated soil, you are just signing it over to Biogenie.

A quick rundown of how the whole contaminated soil disposal process works;

  • You can take the contaminated soil to a landfill or Biogenie

  • If you take the contaminated soil to the landfill you will then be required 64 pound per tonne of soil and costs for the contaminates. If you take the soil to Biogenie the contaminated soil will be paid for based on the contaminates in the soil and the weight (this will be a fraction of the cost of a landfill)

  • If you are on the landfill path you will spend the entire day signing paperwork, paying money and then paying more money for the privilege of signing the paperwork. If you took the Biogenie path you will just need to sign a piece of paper signing the soil over to Biogenie.

This article is provided by Hugh Armstrong. Hugh Armstrong owns and runs his own green blog. This article is provided on behalf off Biogenie; specialists in cheap soil disposal

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