Gas and Electricity Price Comparison and Reducing Your Energy Bills


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  • Published July 22, 2013
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In spite of energy bills having being on the up for decades, a number of people are still paying out more than they need to for their gas and electricity. Many people are afraid of switching to a new provider because they think that the process might be excessively complicated or time consuming. However, with numerous financial comparison sites to choose from to help you get started, you can now carry out a gas and electricity price comparison in a matter of minutes and then switch online. There is minimal effort involved on your part, it doesn't cost you anything to use such services and you could end up saving hundreds of pounds per year on your utilities. The following takes a look at switching your energy supplier as well as some other innovative ways to cut down on your bills.

Comparing Prices and Switching to a New Provider

For many people, the biggest saving when it comes to energy bills is simply to switch supplier. If you have never really paid much attention to your energy supplier and tariff, you will very likely be paying higher bills than you really need to. By using a financial comparison site, you can find a range of quotes to compare from all of the energy companies and tariffs available in your area.

While the amount you can expect to save varies greatly, most people who have not switched to a new energy supplier before will find that they can save something. One of the United Kingdom's most popular financial comparison websites,, for example, claims that ten percent of its customers saved over £440 per year after switching through them!

To get started comparing prices, choose your preferred energy comparison service (a search in Google will reveal plenty of options) and provide them with your postcode. You will also need some information about your current energy provider and consumption. A recent bill should provide everything you need. If you do not have a recent bill, then ask your current supplier for an estimate of how much you can expect to spend over the next billing period. While you are on the phone to them, it is also a good idea to tell them that you are thinking of switching. They probably won't want to lose a customer, in which case they might even offer you a better deal than the one you are planning to switch to.

Before switching, be sure to review the cancellation terms of your current contract. Many energy companies charge a cancellation fee. If you are on a dual fuel tariff (meaning that you get both your gas and electricity from the same company), you may even be charged two fees. When you are ready to switch, you can do so online. You will be given a date when the switchover will be completed and the company will send out a contract for you to sign. During this time, you will also need to cancel your existing supply. The entire process should take about two weeks with a further three weeks in which you can change your mind and revert to your old supplier.

Cutting Down on Energy Usage at Home

No matter whether you switch to a new provider or not, the biggest savings on your energy bills are under your control. Changing a few habits in order to cut down on your gas and electricity usage can save you a significant amount of money without you having to sacrifice too much. Turning your heating down during the winter months to the minimum level you are comfortable with can save the most amount of money, but it is also important to remember that even the smaller things all help. Try doing your laundry with cold water, air-drying your clothes, defrosting food in the open and using energy-efficient lightbulbs. These are just some ways to cut down on your energy consumption.

Modern electrical appliances tend to be much more energy-efficient than older ones, particularly those which have not been well maintained throughout their lifespans. Sometimes, replacing your main appliances such as washing machines and fridges can be worth the cost.

Laura Ginn understands that every consumer wants to save money on their utility bills. In order to do this many perform a gas and electricity price comparison using the price comparison website,

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