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  • Published July 21, 2014
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Telemarketing in the recent past has faced serious hurdles in form of regulations. If you own a telemarketing agency in surrey, it means that you have to follow certain rules and regulations in order to avoid getting penalized.

The following are the dos and don’ts that you must follow to maintain a successful telemarketing agency.

The Don’ts

The rules and regulations in the field of telemarketing are exhaustive and changes frequently. The following are the set of practices that you should avoid in a telemarketing firm in order to avoid getting penalized.

Maximum night call curfew time– In many countries, there is a curfew time exceeding which no agency will be allowed to make calls to users. If you call potential customers after this time, they are legally allowed to sue you by law.

Following the do-not-call list – Subscribers are officially allowed to place their number on the Do-not-call list. If a user has placed his number on the do not call list, you are legally obliged to not call him. If you break this rule, the user is allowed to press charges against you.

Obtaining License – Many countries require the telemarketing agencies to obtain a proper license before they operate. If you live in such a country, make sure you follow all the paperwork correctly to avoid getting fines.

Restrictions on the type of products that can be marketed – For instance, in some countries marketing products like tobacco is banned. So, as a telemarketing agency you should not advertise products that are banned.

The Dos

Although you are not allowed to follow the above mentioned techniques, there are still ways using which you can increase the efficiency of your marketing. Let us see about them in brief.

Optimize the existing clientele – Rather than trying to attract new customers, you can rather work on optimizing the existing relationships to obtain better revenue from the existing customers who require very less convincing.

Combining other methodologies with telemarketing – Email marketing, Newsletters and direct mail marketing are strategies that work better in combination with telemarketing techniques.

Contacting people from the Do-Not-Call list to get their permission – There is a provision in the law through which you can contact people in the do-not-call list to obtain their permission to market your products.

By following these techniques, you can obviously establish yourself as a leading telemarketing company and turn in successful profit rates year in year out.

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