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  • Published December 2, 2014
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Enhancing your organization’s most precious asset, your people, involves automating manual data tasks; tasks that comprise diverse responsibilities and control over sensitive human resource (HR) information. Corporate HR departments face an expanding number of manual processes which include connecting with numerous different systems to perform their duties.

With the actual aim of advancing the business by assisting employees to be more effective, productive, successful, innovative, and compliant, HR departments carry various responsibilities linked with numerous processes within an organization. In this regard, organizations are employing business process automation (HR Automation to be specific) to scale back operational costs by removing time-consuming processes and by making data/information more transparent and readily available to their people.

HR Automation is the process of shifting your difficult, drawn-out, time-consuming, paper-based HR processes or business policies and procedures such as Workforce Planning, Employee Relationship Management, Personal Data Management, Pay-Roll handling, Performance Management, Talent Management, Compensation Planning & Administration, and many other processes to a streamlined, structured, computer-based online system.

Making Sense of It

HR Automation customized software application is only as effective as the people operating such automated systems. For decades PRIME Technology Group has been using automation application and practice management to enhance efficiency and lower costs for customers.

With PRIME’s both pre-built and bespoke enterprise-wide HR Automation Management Software (HRMS) system, knowing what’s going on is just a few clicks away. The benefits of PRIME’s pre-built HR Automation are aplenty: 1) you can process much more information quickly and efficiently, 2) you utilize fewer resources to get what you want and yes at the click of a button, 3) your employees benefit from the automation raising productivity and positively impacting company bottom line, 4) you can manage employees more effectively using easy HR tools by observing company best practices at all times, 5) you can help build loyalty by enabling staff to access or modify their benefits and other information, and yes transparently.

PRIME’s easy-to-use custom-made HR automation software you will be able to make timely people-focused decisions by connecting, motivating and synchronizing HR tasks such as On-boarding, Hiring, Transitioning, Talent Acquisition/Recruiting, Performance Reviews, Time Sheets for Payroll and Billing, Expense Reporting, Leave Approvals, Medical Leave, Admin Operations, Vacation Processing, Email Alerts, Workforce Analytics, Compiling Data for Generating Reports, etc.

PRIME will help you generate a more productive and efficient work environment by fully automating your company’s HR operations. With our expertise in HR automation software system you can significantly reduce risks pertaining to manual tracking and legal risks regarding terms and conditions. You can build a great corporate culture by enabling employees to cohesively work together to achieve the set goals.

Prime offers Application Development, Application Fine-tuning and Maintenance & Enterprise Application Integration to Develop, sustain or modernize your applications. Write to Us!

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