The Airline Industry’s Rotten Secret

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  • Author Phillip Roth
  • Published December 21, 2014
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As a frequent flyer, I discover myself acutely aware of baggage restrictions as I hate to hand over money on excess luggage charges.

This has the benefit of traveling light. Lighter traveling goes easier on the body, forces me to plan clothing before I leave home and do some laundry whilst on my journey.

Until recently my system half-worked.

In days passed I would use my restroom weighing scales to weigh my luggage. If it was over my luggage allowance, I would transfer some heavier products into my backpack.

Where I encountered trouble was on my return journey when trying to keep in mind how I had actually distributed my possessions between my cabin bag and suitcase on my outbound journey. This, I hardly ever, if ever, solved.

The restroom scales was all well and good for my outbound journey, however it wasn't particularly attractive to pack and take with me for obvious reasons. I was, after all, trying to minimize my luggage weight, not contribute to it.

Therefore, the restroom scales I had actually left at home was of no use to me when I was in another country, and finding one in a hotel was never a possibility.

It wasn't till I suffered the humiliation and time-wasting of redistributing my items in an airport, and returned home to mention to a friend of my experience that I found a neat little device to save me the inconvenience in future.

Mentioning my experience with a friend, she informed me I needed to buy a baggage scale. Honestly, I wasn't aware such a thing existed. She swore by hers and spoke so passionately of its benefits that I was promptly sold on the concept.

I wondered why airlines do not offer them on planes. The gigantic provider in Europe, Ryanair, offer you everything from vehicle hire, to hotels, transfers, and actual suitcases when you book on their site, yet they do not offer a travel scale. Then the penny dropped.

Why would they offer something which would prevent them the chance to overcharge their customers for a kilo or more of overweight luggage? This would ruin their function of profit maximisation.

I promptly purchased my luggage scale from a company called Swiftons, who trade on Amazon. My solution to conserving time, cash, and embarrassment, was found!

Within a couple of days I got my product and was all set for my very first journey with my new device.

At around $20 it was less than what I would pay for just a few pounds of excess luggage on one journey and the product featured a lifetime guarantee! It was a no-brainer. A lifetime of savings for just $20. Who might argue with that!

My reason for writing this post is that I think more individuals ought to understand these products exist, and more individuals ought to use them. Airlines exist to take us from Place A to Place B, whilst making the most amount of cash possible at the same time. It is not in their self-interest to save our cash, and a product such as a travel scale does just that. Hence, they will certainly never tell us about them, promote them, or offer them to us, because travel scales are in direct opposition to their objective of maximising revenue.

As pointed out above I purchased my travel luggage scale from Amazon because their shipment service I have always found to be exceptional.

The service I got from Swiftons has actually been wonderful. They have sent me a free eBook to help me pack and take a trip more successfully, and their luggage scale is a dream to operate - easy and uncomplicated, yet with more functions than others available.

To buy yours, visit Amazon today and search for Swiftons Luggage Scale. You won't regret it!

To discover how to permanently eliminate airline surcharges from your life, visit Amazon today.

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