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  • Published June 5, 2015
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Tanzania is one country with the power of changing you. It starts with your outlook on vacations and makes you question everything you have ever experienced, then it moves on to prove that not everything you see on Animal Planet ever did justice to what you are seeing in person, and no, we are not talking about two elephants and a rhinoceros doing it in the middle of the road.

Going on a Tanzania Safari makes you a true adventurer. So if you have a taste for such things, make sure that you book a safari for yourself. Safari is a journey that the 13th century traders came up with. They hunted the plains of Africa and boasted their prize on their walls. Today, most of travelers and tourists explore wildlife opportunities to take a selfie and find their inner-selves in the wilderness —do not expect to slay any beasts and take home any trophies— the experience of the journey is rewarding enough and makes the safari tour worth it.

Witness the Majesty of Nature

Life is way too short to miss out on occasions like seeing hundred of zebras migrating through the rich green grass lands or the life version of the flocks of flamingoes that cover a lake and make their own plane from afar. And if that is not scenic enough for you, Tanzania Safaris even let you see mighty lions feasting on their hard earned prey.The big five that make up a truly memorable Safari in Tanzania are the rhinoceroses, elephants, leopards, lions, and buffalos. The chance to get close to wild animals in their natural habitat is an unparalleled experience and is like a drug to thrill-seekers. That being said, don’t get too close to the animals (especially the elephants and rhinos) and stick with your guide.

The Culture

Safaris are not just good for seeing wild life. In fact, they help you introduce yourself to a whole new culture as well. You get to meet the people who have perhaps the longest history on earth and still practice the most ancient of traditions. This is something truly priceless and the memory of your interaction will stay with you forever. Who knows, you might even come across learning something valuable through the experience.

It Is Not Like You Will Be On Your Feet All Day

When most people hear about a safari, their excitement tones down after their brain reminds them that they will have to arrange for lodging and what not for their own comfort. Tracking the great five is fun but you do not want to be doing that all day, and for that, you need a place to crash at night. Only the greatest safari expeditions let you enjoy the tours and arrange for your lodging and everything that you will need as a guest in their beautiful country.

So stop just day dreaming about your safari and make that dream come true with our Tanzania Expeditions where you can enjoy tracking wild life and have a truly one-of-a-kind experience that you can boast about forever.

About Tanzania Expeditions

Tanzania Expeditions is a travel and safari tour company that works to provide explorers and tourists with custom safari tours. Their main aim is to provide its clients with life changing experiences as they explore the plains of Tanzania, observing wildlife and the big five. The company has excellent safari guides and exclusive lodges and camps.

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