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  • Author Kimberley Kwek
  • Published July 4, 2015
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When I was in secondary school 30 years ago, my eldest sister gave me a St. Michael Rose Moisturizing soap. It had a rich, creamy lather to leave my skin soft, smooth and delicately perfumed.

This was a life-changing experience as I started to enjoy and appreciate what quality soap entailed. I abandon the household soap brand as I realized that I was basically putting "detergents" on my skin. The household brand of bar soap which was alkaline based, dried my skin, and caused skin irritation.

Throughout the year, I have brought and collected bar soaps from all over the world that I don’t think I could consume in my lifetime. It ranges from a few dollars to more than a hundred dollar per soap bar. The level of enjoyment during shower also differs. I really go "gaga" over a bar of soap.

The bar soap has a history of 3,500 years and there is no significant side effect reported on it used. People tend to think that bar soap are mainly alkaline based which dried their skin and hence cause irritation. But you could choose those that are free of sulfates or detergents. Read the label before you buy. Avoid those with Potassium lauryl sulfate or Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLF), or anything containing sulfate that is mainly a cheap and very effective foaming agent.

But no matter how good is a bar of soap, I still restrict the bar soap on my body only as I though it is still not good enough for my sensitive face.

It was when I chanced upon Sisley Soapless Gentle Foaming Cleanser years back at the Sisley Beauty Counter in Singapore that changes that. First, I was wondering why this bar of soap was called soapless cleanser. It has the look of a bar soap after all. Secondly, why it was costing S$110 (USD82) for a 85g/2.9oz of bar soap. It is pricier than other brand of foaming facial cleansers or face wash. Anyway, I still brought one piece as it is my habit to try out all the "good" bar soaps in the world.

I tried out on my body first by rubbing it in circular movement across my damped body. It has a unique light scent (which I think is from the Cypress oil and Geranium oil), not too over-powering and my skin is extremely clean without any taut feeling. What was written in the advertisement is what you get and it did not disappoint me. Before long, I was rubbing it on my face. The soapless & non-alkaline based cleanser gently cleanses & refresh without irritating my most sensitive skin as it respects the epidermis. It is enriched with softening, nourishing and revitalizing active ingredients (Sunflower oil and Shea butter). After I have rinsed and towel dry, there is no need to apply any body lotion in our humid climate and my skin won’t feel dry in air-conditioned room. In the subsequent years, I have brought another 2 bars but recently I notice the bar has changed from a light yellowish tone to a white color tone. I think I should tried out the white one sooner.

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After using Sisley Soapless Gentle Foaming Cleanser on my face and body, it changes my impression of a "face soap". I have used 3 bar of the Soapless Gentle Foaming Cleanser on my face since and have not found other face soap as miraculous as what Sisley has to offer. This soap is still cheaper if you buy from Amazon.


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