Research shows Botox can be used for more than just cosmetic reasons.

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  • Published July 8, 2015
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Botox is known as the number one most famous cosmetic treatment used on women and men worldwide. This could be because of its immediate results, its effectiveness, how long it lasts or even because of how simple the treatment really is. However, correcting wrinkles and tightening facial muscles is not the only thing that Botox is good for. According to researches across the globe, Botox is a chemical that is created from the very same bacteria that causes botulism, which can work effectively for illnesses and muscle pains, even migraines.

That is right. Botox has been found to have an impressive effect on migraines! The National Headache Foundation stated that over 37 million Americans alone suffer from headaches, a great portion of which have suffered from or have been diagnosed with migraines. Individuals with chronic migraines may have to endure the pain of such a headache for 15 days or more out of the month, which can become exhausting for the individual. Although there is no definite diagnosis for which to test migraines, it is easy to characterize by the severity of pain the patient constantly feels.

Unfortunately, many of these patients are left with no other option but to endure the pain since there is no cure for migraines, but thanks to Botox and many other treatments, it is very likely that the use of such can greatly minimize the effects or even the pain of these migraines. The use of Botox has been approved by the FDA for the treatment of migraines and was originally used for the treatment of muscle disorders. It is believed that Botox has had a great effect on the treatment of migraines by blocking out neurotransmitters that can act as signals of pain throughout the body.

During these treatments, patients will be sat through 31 small and painless injections in seven different locations and muscle groups in 3 different locations: the head, neck and shoulders. By doing this, most of the neurotransmitters from the region where most of the pain originates will be blocked, providing the patient with a sense of relief for some time. Although these treatments can be repeated, some patients create a tolerance for the medication; Botox can sometimes become more effective as it continues being used. Many migraine patients may feel like they have no other choice but to suck up the pain, but luckily enough, the discovery of Botox as a migraine medicine can make their lives much easier to enjoy.

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