Australasian College Broadway Reveals 3 Makeup Items for Dark Circles

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  • Published October 1, 2015
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Whoever said diamonds are a girl’s best friend has clearly never heard of makeup. Dark circles around the eyes from a late night of partying or studying can make you look tired and old. When you can’t get your normal beauty rest, you can always turn to makeup to make you look fresh and rejuvenated the next day. Beauty experts like those at Australasian College Broadway reveal the three make up items you need to cover up those unflattering shadows around your eyes.

Keep It Simple with Foundation

No woman’s makeup bag is ever complete without a good foundation. Liquid or cream--it doesn’t really matter so long as it can cover up those dark eye rings. Use your foundation like you would your concealer. If you’re using a liquid foundation, put a small amount on your hand and expose it to the air for a bit, then apply directly over the discoloured area. For those who prefer cream foundation, start with small amounts and gradually apply more to properly conceal the circles. Remember that you should always use the right amount and colour for a more natural effect.

Cover It Up with Creamy Concealer

Dry makeup never works well in covering up dark circles under your eyes. They’ll only seep through the lines and make them more prominent. Go for a creamy concealer instead, and only apply it over the dark areas. Don’t just go for any creamy concealer though. Make sure you pick the right tone, which should be lighter than your skin colour. A concealer with a yellow base works best in covering up dark circles. Using a soft brush, start with a semi-circle under the eye and work your way down to the cheeks. Grab a damp sponge afterwards, and finish the job by blending the edges around the eyes.

Hide It with Highlighter Pen Brush

Another good way to hide dark under eye circles is by using highlighter pens. Highlighter pens are very easy to use as they give you more precise control than regular brushes. Use light feathery strokes so as not to use too much. Once you’ve applied just the right amount, use your fingertips to pat and blend to finish.

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