What is a mod and what are the differences between mechanical and voltage/wattage variable mods?

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  • Published November 1, 2015
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People who are accustomed to electronic cigarettes visit our on-line store regularly to find something new, something better, something that can be customized and bring a new breakthrough to their experience of smoking with electronic cigarettes. These users constitute the market niche that e-cigarette mods are geared for.

What is a MOD?

A "mod" is a modular device comprised of two or more parts which screw together to house the battery or some other component. This modular design allows users to replace only specific parts of the device instead of buying a whole new e-cigarette in case of malfunction or extreme wear. This entails a longer life span for the modular e-cigarette, the ability to modify its aesthetic appearance and substantial money savings to smokers. There are typically two types of mods: regulated devices which are also known as variable voltage/variable wattage (VV/VW) and mechanical.

Mechanical mods

Mechanical mods are nothing but e-cigarettes devoid of any regulators, chips or any type of electronic switches. As the name implies, they work only through purely mechanical means which are managed by the energy provided by a pre-installed battery. Mechanical mods are generally precision-engineered and manufactured from scratch with durable materials such as stainless steel, copper, bronze, or even a combination of these metals in some cases. The use of these materials combined with proper maintenance and care lends these devices improved durability, which can actually last a whole lifetime. This also means that they're bigger and heavier than other types of e-cigarette, although this may actually be an appealing quality for users who prize a more "analog" feel on their e-cigarettes.

Indeed, mechanical mods carry an extra load of luxury and prestige compared to other e-cig types, and are generally the most expensive category. In the e-cig industry, mechanical mods occupy an equivalent category to that of ultra-expensive and exotic tube amplifiers for audiophiles in the audio world. The finest of the finest products. When combined with the perfect atomizer they produce large amounts of ravishing vapor. Mechanical mods are often designed to resemble anything but cigarettes. Unsurprisingly, these products have been in great demand.

Voltage/wattage variable mods

The V/W variable mods are technically advanced electronic cigarettes. The main highlights of these e-cigarettes are their enhanced ability to control the vapor's flavor, the e-juice burn and the built-in protection systems. Some of these mods are pre-installed, or can be fitted, with an atomizer meter which helps to automatically adjust the voltage/watt system for improved performance. This versatile type of electronic cigarette offers the best performance on the market, and is suitable to both new and very experienced e-cigarette smokers.

Inherently appealing to the geekier user profile, these electronic cigarettes come with many features and technologies such as built-in firmware and an LCD screen that lets you see the battery charge, for example. The LCD screen displays a few statistics like the number of times that the smoker vaporized, the voltage level or the watts used. Many of these electronic cigarettes also have the possibility to connect to a computer via USB, upon which users can browse every detail of the usage statistical history. In fact, it is not uncommon for V/W variable mods to actually resemble USB sticks.

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