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  • Author Md Faysal Rahman
  • Published November 13, 2015
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Before I start talking about Free Binary Options Signals I would like to tell you a story. Years ago a guy became interested in Binary Options Trading because many of his friends used to trade and earned a good amount of money. He was jealous of them and thought he would amaze them one day by earning huge amount of money by trading Binary Options. He searched through Internet and found a broker, he thought was a good one. But when it came to real trading he found it true gambling for him as he has no idea when and how to trade. He searched the internet again and found an automated signal software which claimed to be a 90 % winning ratio. He purchased that software and started trading again. Within first month he lost 4500$ dollars. Then he tried to withdraw the rest amount from the brokerage account and failed because the broker was not regulated and moreover he availed bonus amount from them. He was so upset and disappointed. You really want to know who the guy is? That’s me the O’Doctor!

And then I found Michael Freeman’s YouTube Channel, which was all about Binary Options Trading tips, tricks and strategies. And later I have joined Mike’s Manual FB signals Group since then I became a profitable trader. So what’s so special with Mike’s Signals Group? Have a look below.

Michael Freeman’s Manual Signals Group

Michael created the signals group in order to show the traders the right path. Not to fall for any scam software or signals service. You have nothing to lose but only to gain by joining this manual signals community with support, education and a high ITM performance not just by an admin but by a group of talented and skilled traders. They generate at least 30 signals daily and overall ITM rate is 84%. Michael encourage traders who have consistent ITM rates by giving them bonuses. Admins get paid regularly. Besides high profit live webinars arranged for the special occasion of trading like NFP. There are also some rules also for signal providers that if any Trader posts 2 consecutive OTM, then he won’t be able to post signals for 24 hours. Even Traders with and ITM rate lower than 65% do not even make it to the Leaderboard. That made the group fair enough. Discussions and Trainings are given on weekends and anyone can express their views. Strategic videos often posted on Mike’s YouTube channel which helps traders to trade from their own. You will find signals services that take a monthly joining fee for the service, but Michael’s signals group is free to join and anyone can join and follow the signals and take profits.

At A Glance

  • 100% Free Registration.

  • No Monthly/Yearly Fees.

  • More than 30+ signals daily.

  • Free Education & Communication between members.

  • Reward system for Top Traders and Admins.

  • Frequent high profit Live Webinars.

  • Admins & Top Traders with consistent 80% ITM rate.

  • Fully Transparent Signals Group.

  • 2500 Members as up today.

If you are interested to join feel free to contact via email at

Visit the site more informations. I recommend the site for newbie forex/binary traders.

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