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The 5 senses of Clear Office Communication

As business owners it is very easy to get caught up in the go getter routine on our way to the top. Make sure to keep your most valuable skill fresh and ready for use, exercise your 5 senses of Clear Office Communication daily.

  1. ASK & LISTEN Trust your Staff, They are involved in the day to day detailed routine of running your business and constantly providing world class service. They have insight into your business you don't have, ask and they will defiantly tell.

  2. CHECK-IN'S spending quality time with each staff member this is best even if its just a short sweet phone call to touch base, this allows for each person to state current status within the long term agenda while helping to further explain or help process information that may or may not have already been covered.

  3. KUDOS Recognition for a job well done is one of the best feelings IN LIFE! Be sensitive to the feeling of accomplishment YOUR acknowledgment and appreciation for your staff can do for the moral of the entire office AND OVERALL company.

  4. Break the ICE Have you taken a few moments to just shoot the breeze with your Staff family? Even if you are not directly involved with each person on your staff, its more than likely they work MORE hours for your company than they do managing their own life Take some time to find out who they are? what is their favorite type of food or maybe their favorite pro sports team. Show humanity, for your companies greatest resources Human Resources

  5. Relax Trust your staff, unless you have a true reason for concern DON'T, relax and trust that you have placed the right person in the position. Allow your staff to flourish and grow not everyone reaches the finish line taking the same path. Many times people reach the same results by using totally different methods, some faster and more efficient than even YOU In short - let them work don't try to micro manage every entity of every situation Instead ask How their day is going or what is planned for the weekend? Build your relationship not their stress level

Break room Game Office Ice breaker game

Keep a jar in the break room anytime there are two or more people in the break room grab a question out of the jar to ask the other, once the question is answered return the question to the jar to be used again shake the jar often to keep the questions fresh Add questions to the jar daily to keep fresh conversations going

Remember what's most important all day everyday - Clear Office Communication - exercise your senses daily

Hope you enjoyed reading please reply or comment with stories or suggestions for deepening Clear Office Communication

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