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  • Author Connor Buckle
  • Published March 28, 2016
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People are often influenced by what they see around them. This is especially true for fashion trends and the latest styles. The paparazzi photos of popular or even local celebrities on holiday are making people all green out of envy. The almost seemingly and never-ending holiday season of the rich and famous is often seen as a source of inspiration for those who follow fashion trends. Whether it is a famous celebrity on a yacht or a footballer’s wife relaxing in a unique spa resort, you can always take inspiration from their bodies and style. The belly bars piercing is seen as the second most pierced body part just after the ears. The belly piercing and jewellery is a very sensuously decorative for both, the wearer and observer.

People tend to want a polished celebrity look. Fortunately, by adding a little bit of glamour to actually what is affordable would go a long way. You will often notice an eye catching Ear Stretchers on the ears of not only the rich and famous but also on commoners. They know that a subtle sparkling ear stretcher is the perfect accessory that goes with almost any outfit. It is ideal for showing off. Belly bars are also one of the few accessories, which will flatter almost anyone. This is whether you have the stunning curves like the famous celebrities or a naturally slim figure like some of them. A beautiful gold or platinum belly bar would generally look amazing. Almost all celebrities have shown off the navel piercings at some point of time during their careers.

Nipple bars have a sensuous appeal. They are worn conveniently and are a distinct form of body art popular amongst many celebrities. Young girls generally tend to wear them as a form of expression and are very pleased once it is done. They come in a verity of shapes and sizes based on your convenience and size or shape of your nipple. The best designer versions are available online on the websites. You can view the high quality images and decide for yourself. It can often conveniently be delivered to your doorstep. It is ideal while wearing a bikini while on the beach or a simple cute cropped top and a skirt on an exciting night out.

If in case you already have a part of your belly pierced then you are a step ahead. The first fashion trend came into fashion in the late nineties when a prominent model wore a belly ring at a very famous London fashion show. Piercing as a fashion trend has been around for a while. Simply put it is fashion, which simply refuses to fade away. Trends have shifted slightly ever since the late nineties. It has now moved more towards the luxurious belly bars, which are featuring the unique designs, which include diamonds, gold, platinum, or gemstones. The models, musicians and some prominent mainstream actors have all proudly shown off their luxurious belly and nipple bars. It is important to avoid those cheap pieces that are on sale in the high street clothing shops and stores.

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