3 Must-Know Tips on Screen Printing Apparel Online on a Budget


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  • Published October 20, 2016
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Planning on marketing your brand, build recognition for your organization or small business, and raise some money at the same time at your next corporate event? Screen printed tee are a great way to build hype towards you company! Whether you’re planning on selling shirts with your logo at your next big event or give them away to employees or participators, there are a few factors you need to consider when choosing the perfect shirt: make sure you choose the perfect apparel, pick the right design and make sure you can produce them at a low cost. Here are some helpful tips to help guide you through the process:


Picking a simple blank shirt should not’t be so hard, right? There are just so many factors to take in when deicing which shirt you want to go such as: What brand is best, which color, and how much per shirt.

When it comes to choosing brands, here are some options depending on your choice of material and pricing:

For Free Giveaway Tees:

• Tulex

• Gildan

• Jerzees

For Selling but Don’t Want to Splurge:

• Anvil

• Fruit of the Loom

• Hanes

For Premium High-Quality Shirts:

• American Apparel

• Bella + Canvas

• District or District Made

When choosing a color for your blank shirt, it’s best to choose a light color for printing purposes (or for those on a budget). Light colored apparel is much cheaper to print on and most inks will be visible on the garment. Whereas if you choose to go with blank, navy or any other dark color, you need to first lay down a white base in order for the color of the ink to show up against the background. The additional layer will raise the cost of screen printing, as well as add more thickness to your printed design.

The most important factor many consider when choosing the right blank tee is the price. Usually blank apparel wholesaler or online retailers will price their blank apparel at various prices depending on how many you want to purchase. Most retailers will give customers a bulk discount if they choose to purchase more than 100+. If you’re planning on purchasing in blank, a NyFifth offers wholesale prices for their blank apparel, and sometimes the price may be lower than wholesale!


The one thing you need to keep in mind when creating a design to be screen printed onto blank apparel are how many colors are going to be used. If you’re on a budget, it’s best if you stick with a simple design that requires no more than 2 colors. When screen printing, price is based on the amount of colors you need to print. A new screen is created for each color – so the price will start to rise once you’ve got more than 3+ colors. Also, the more colors screen printed onto the shirt, the more heavy the design will be and feel.

TIP: Incorporate the color of your shirt into your artwork to make use of negative space + save money!


Always make sure you’re getting the best price possible by doing a little research online before advancing. To keep things organized, it would be best if you can find a company that does both screen printing and can provide blank apparel at a low cost! Some great website that does both these things (as well as does embroidery) are NyFifth, 4imprint, and ApparelnBags! They offer hundreds of blank apparel from various top brands at wholesale prices! Plus, they offer their imprinting services at low competitive prices, provide fast turn-around, and offer bulk discounts.

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