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  • Published November 23, 2016
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OfficeGoods V-7 Electric and Battery Operated Pencil Sharpener, Black gets a great deal of applause for many unique features making it perfect for kids in class as well as professionals at work. The company promises on its website to ensure you get great products, awesome service along with a pleasant buying experience. With this product, they fulfill their reputation.


If you're like me, you desire something that will not tie that you a wall outlet, but provides a great deal of punch. The V-7 sharpener delivers. You can power it by an AC adapter, a USB cord that attaches with a wall adapter (or it could be with a computer), or maybe use 4-AA batteries to own it.

If you are using the AC adapter or USB, you don't have to have batteries whatsoever. Yet it's nice to know that you could snap it up and go when you require to.


OfficeGoods V-7 Electric and Battery Operated Pencil Sharpener, Black doesn't find a great deal of room on the desk. It's about the size of a tight camera. It is ideal for the individual that likes to keep their desk as well as uncluttered. Read more Top 5 best electric pencil sharpeners

But don’t let the size fool you. It carries a great deal of torque and is powerful enough to visit from new pencil to extra sharp point in 7 seconds. It takes only an easy touch an additional or two to sharpen the pencil point after use.

With all that power it makes you wonder if it's as noisy as some of the other electric sharpeners available. I must say it isn't too bad. Let me put it by doing this, as soon as your second grader needs to talk, you can actually keep on conversation as he sharpens his pencils at the desk.


OfficeGoods V-7 Electric and Battery Operated Pencil Sharpener, Black is made to sharpen evenly. That's a good thing in case you hate lop-sided pencils. This unit sharpens symmetrically so your lead is just not weakened.

It works on the helical blade that is just like the ones in those old fashioned hand crank sharpeners from your school days. That enables you to sharpen color pencils, water colors or regular pencils delicately so that you will do not have any breakage.


That's where things get interesting. OfficeGoods V-7 Electric and Battery Operated Pencil Sharpener, Black has three settings to enable you to have a very blunt point up to a really sharp point. The very center setting is sharp enough for youngsters to write down neatly. This is important because younger writers often break any pencil with too fine an area.

Alternatively, the sharp setting provides you with a really fine point for anyone who must do meticulous work. Additionally it is an excellent setting for anyone colored pencils you employ on adult coloring books, only do let them know myself.

The blunt setting is useful for small children who haven’t learned to never press down too difficult when writing. Additionally it is a good choice for someone who would like to draw with wide, bold lines.

You will find that this sharpener will work well on #2 pencils, graphite pencils, colored pencils, and charcoal pencils. The actual result would be the same -- sharp, even points each time.


OfficeGoods V-7 Electric and Battery Operated Pencil Sharpener, Black stops working if the pay for the shavings is removed. Which makes it safe to use around kids.

There's a little plastic tab at the top of the duvet that provides a safety lock when it is removed. On that basis you do have to be careful whenever you open the compartment to empty the shavings. In case you put an end to the tab your machine will not work.

However, the company has a totally free replacement shavings catcher should the tab breaks from the original. If you are aware of all of this design feature, it shouldn't matter.


Produce this sharpener is ideal for my use but there are several minor quirks. First, the hole is designed for the typical thickness of your regular or colored pencil. No surprises there because that is what it is advertised.

However, that is too small for many hexagonal and octagonal colored pencils like Faber Castell watercolor pencils and Derwent. Thicker artist pastel pencils from Cortt and quilting Blue Water Soluble pencils don't match the opening either.

Next, if the pencil sharpener finishes no stop. You need to pay attention to the sound to know when to pull the pencil out. Otherwise you will waste some pencil after it really is already sharpened.

The sound change might be challenging to discern for those hard of hearing. Also, small children probably won't pay attention to the sound change so you will want to supervise them with all the machine.

Finally, the USB adapter sticks out 3 inches from your wall. Which makes it challenging behind furniture. Oh well, there is nothing perfect.

Like I said, they're minor quirks nevertheless, I wanted supply you with a heads up so that you will do not possess any unpleasant surprises.


OfficeGoods V-7 Electric and Battery Operated Pencil Sharpener, Black can be a versatile tool. It functions perfectly for the professional who is particular about their work and needs a good and reliable sharpener.

This nice little sharpener will resist heavy use by youngsters. It'll sharpen about 150 new pencils in twenty minutes without becoming a fire hazard or slowing. It will also adjust in a manner that may benefit regular writing and enhance some art projects.

Finally, OfficeGoods V-7 Electric and Battery Operated Pencil Sharpener, Black works exceptionally well in sharpening pencils for my favorite use -- adult coloring books. I understand that is a pursuit that should be relaxing, but I can’t relax if my pencil point is just right.

You can relax too in case you have this pencil sharpening tool.

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