What beard suits you? Should you trim or groom it!

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  • Author Karen Lake Argent
  • Published February 11, 2017
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Gone are the days when it was only burly lumberjacks that were seen sporting manly, beards. In recent times, beards have become a must-have trend among most men, and as we move into 2017, it doesn’t look like that trend’s going anywhere soon. However, growing a stylish beard requires quite a bit of dedication and upkeep, and it some cases, a huge amount of Personal Care products.

Growing a beard also requires a bit of thought put into it, like, what are the latest styles and would they suit everyone? How often do you need to trim, or do you plan on grooming it? Firstly, not ever style will suit you, so when choosing a particular style, considered the shape of your face. The ideal beard should make your face appear oval shaped (considered by many to be the most proportionate face shape). Hence, if you’ve got a round or square face, a face that is equally wide as it is long, then use a beard trimmer to keep the sides down while growing the length of your beard to make your face appear longer. If your face is longer or more rectangular than it is broad, you want to keep the length short while growing out the sides to make your face appear symmetrical.

In addition, avoid hard lines that end at your chin. This is a massive style no, no! Let your beard grow naturally to within an inch or two near your Adam’s apple, then trim it down to reassemble a more natural fade with your trimmer settings. Whichever style you decide to go with, always groom your beard, it’s the best way to avoid looking like a bum.

Grooming your beard will take less time than shaving, but depending on your style, it can also take a bit of practice. Do try to resist over-trimming the first few days, until you know exactly how your beard is growing (check for sparse spots). New facial hair can feel like little pins poking your skin, but the irritation will subside after a week. To relieve the itching, trying brushing your beard hairs and use a beard oil to soften the hair (your girlfriend will thank you for it!). Not only do beard oils and balms, soften and add shine to beard hair, but they also take care of your skin, leaving it moisturized.

Keep in mind, your beard hair is just that, HAIR! It needs to be washed and kept clean or dirt will get trapped in the growth. Trying using a mild shampoo and conditioner on your beard, or invest a snazzy beard cleansing shampoo. Either way, keep that beard neat and clean for maximum style points.

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