Apple iPad Pro 9.7, Unsurpassed by its own standards

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  • Author Sharif Khan
  • Published February 8, 2017
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With a world of technology behind it, Apple iPad Pro 9.7 reigns in the planet of tablets...

The superior design, extraordinary processing speed, the display in vivacious colors topped with numerous splendid features, using Apple iPad Pro 9.7 is a sheer pleasure for kids and adults alike. This ultimate game-changer has been introduced when the Apple fans have been anticipating the launch of the iPad Air 3, thereby bringing in a major shift in the era of Apple iPads, taking it to a next level experience. Considering all the user feedback into account, Apple iPad Pro has evolved packed with all the awesomeness that one could muster.

Seeing the brighter side of the Appe iPad Pro 9.7

Choice between the sizes: To give the users the experience of a computer, the tablet has been introduced in two sizes of large 12.9 in and the portable 9.7 in.

A major leap in display technology: Apple iPads stand out for their display extraordinaire. With the best ever retina display, Apple is proud to introduce the brightest ever with least reflective display with iPad Pro 9.7.

A collage of colors: Colors add spice to life, and in Apple ipad Pro 9.7 the color saturation is brought higher by 25%, with a wide variety of colors enhancing the true meaning of life.

Turn it upside down and you are still holding it right: Image rotation is the thing of the past where tablets/phones are concerned, but what is new here is the four way speaker, which always helps you maintain the right position as it automatically adjusts the volume frequency to the top most speakers.

Faster than the fastest: Processing speed is by far the greatest with the 64 bit A9X M9 processor that allows to multi-task, the phenomenon which was once restricted to PCs alone.

One of a kind keyboard: Smart is the word that comes into mind when you think of the super slim keyboard that doubles up as the iPad cover after the use.

Making the best of what is available: Tablet with a pencil is not new to us, but this iPad with the pencil is generations ahead where technology is concerned. You can bring out the artist in you with the use of the pencil that is super responsive to every move you bring in the iPad.

A power-packed camera in store: The iPad Pro 9.7 comes with an exorbitant 12 mega-pixel camera for the photography lovers with a feature called the True Tone Flash to bring out the true skin tones in the picture irrespective of the lighting.

Light as a feather but strong as a bull: This champion is lighter than any of its versions, measuring just 437 gm, but has a performance that is unbeatable.

You and you alone are the master: What was missing in the earlier versions of iPad has been upgraded in Apple iPad Pro 9.7 where you can use your fingerprint to gain access to the iPad. The touch id is one of the most desirable features that ipad fans have experienced.

Fastest wi-fi and 4G connectivity : Watching movies on iPad Pro 9.7 is a pleasurable experience with its super fast connectivity speeds giving a new meaning to internet browsing.

With a feature rich iPad Pro 9.7 and its unlimited awesomeness, it is for sure to rule the roost for a while it stays, what seems to be an indefinitely long period of time.

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