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  • Published March 5, 2017
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6 Tips When Buying New Tires for Your Car

Tires are one of the most important vehicle's safety features. It makes a big difference whether to drive a vehicle with new tires or with used ones. So, it is never good to buy cheap tires or those tires which don't fit your vehicle. If you are looking to save money, never try buying cheap tires!

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We want to introduce to you our 6 tips you should consider when buying new tires for your vehicle.

  1. Choose the right tire

The biggest mistake you can make when replacing new tires is not using the correct size. If you look at the sidewall of your tire, you'll find a code that tells the tire's size and capabilities. Not all tires are created equal - so make sure you choose the right tire for your automobile or truck.

  1. Find a good place to buy new tires

If you are going to order new tires on-line, you'll need to do a research to find a good on-line store to avoid problems with getting wrong product or having troubles with purchasing on-line. Other thing you also need to do is a little extra research to find out how much it'll cost to have them put on your vehicle. is the best place where professionals will help you with your research.

  1. Take note of the recommendation about tires

As we said before, the vehicles manufacturers often have a recommended tire size and type for each vehicle. Usually this recommendation is based on the size, weight, load capacity, off-road capability, and steering for your specific vehicle. Choose tires that are recommended to your model, and in this case you will avoid a lot of problems.

  1. Should you replace all 4 tires?

Actually, the answer to this question depends on your vehicle. Rear-wheel drive vehicles don't necessarily need to have all four tires replaced at once. But all-wheel-drive systems require all four tires to be replaced at one time. Remember to rotate your tires because it extends their life on any vehicle.

  1. Read reviews – it could be helpful

It's a good thing if you find reviews of products before you buy them, and tires are not an exception. In addition, when reading other reviews, you are able to do a little research on your tire purchase, so it can help you get exactly what you want. Reading about others experience or what experts say about a specific tire will help you make a right decision when you purchase new tires. By the way, keep in mind that the most expensive tire may not be the best one available.

  1. Maintain tires

So, you've chosen, bought, and finally replaced your tires. Now all done, right? Wait, not so fast! You still need to maintain your tires properly. Rotating your vehicle's tires is important to prevent uneven wear. If left unchecked, un-rotated tires will cause lower fuel economy, increased road noise, and decreased wet-weather traction. It is important to know that badly neglected tires will also have to be replaced sooner.

We hope these 6 tips were useful for you, and maybe you learned some new information about tires with our help. After all, we wish you a great and safe drive with new tires, and never forget to change them on time because it is quite an important thing.

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