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  • Author Bassem Ibrahim
  • Published March 3, 2017
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When it comes to protecting your tablets and smartphones, there are several types of cases out there. We have silicone, jelly, plastic, leather, cloth, and even stickers/skins. Today, we would like to focus on leather cases for your iPad.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a leather iPad case? Which are the best for your iPad? Read on to find out.

Advantages of leather

The following are the benefits of having a genuine leather case:

Luxurious look and feel – Though it may boil down to personal preference, one cannot deny that the soft, smooth feel of a leather case is a go-to and cannot be surpassed by any other material.

Easy to clean – A leather case does not catch dust or linen easily as compared to other types of cases. Most of the time, you can just wipe the dust off. No need for a cleaning cloth.

Minimal maintenance – Genuine leather cases are hard to scratch, and retain their soft, smooth, shiny look over several years. They are hard to tear, too.

Durability/Flexibility – Leather is a very flexible material, and is very durable. The material’s flexibility also makes a leather case very easy to install without hurting your device.

Disadvantages of leather

Having a leather case does not come without a trade-off, some of them are the following:

Leather cases are prone to cuts and scrapes when in contact with sharp objects.

If unused, leather cases can attract molds and will lead to degradation. Once this happens, it may be very difficult to restore the case.

Quality leather cases are expensive.

Leather is not eco-friendly.

Prerequisites to be in this list

Though there are not many options to choose from when it comes to genuine leather cases, as most of them are only synthetic, we must mention our prerequisites for a case to be included in this list. The following may not only apply to a leather case, but to all cases in general. In other words, aside from the case’s fit and durability, these are the "must-haves" to make a good iPad case.

We think an iPad case must be a smart case. A smart case is one that automatically puts your iPad to sleep when you close the cover, and automatically wakes your iPad up once you open the case. These smart cases are equipped with magnets in locations that match the location of the hall effect sensors (to detect the magnet) in your iPad. It simply is just hassle-free to not have to press the power button before you close the case, then have to press the home/power button when opening the case. Having a smart case eliminates all this hassle.

A good iPad case should also act as an iPad stand, and offer several different angles, if possible. This makes it easier to watch movies, show presentations, and the like. Furthermore, the case must be able to retain the position of your iPad without any difficulty. I recently had an iPad case that could not do so. My case kept the iPad upright for a while, but would slide after a few minutes. Quite painfully annoying, to be honest.

As this article is all about leather cases, all leather cases in this list must be of genuine leather and not synthetic leather. Without any further ado, let’s get on with it.

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