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Band Banners are a hugely popular product at Banner World. Having now produced Band Backdrops for over 8 years and with a couple of our managers being involved in local bands, we have a fair bit of experience to draw on.

We print and manufacture band and stage banners and backdrops to any size and to any finishing specification. We also have a range of materials and fabrics available.

By far the best material for a normal Band Banner is Polyester 210gsm. Whilst cheaper PVC Banner material is heavy and difficult to pack, store and transport, Polyester 210gsm is lightweight and can be packed and folded very small - crease and ruck free. Moreover, the dye-sublimation print technology used on fabrics produces fabulous rich and vibrant colours. Fabric is also much easier to add custom effects like glitter or rhinestones to.

Due to the volume we produce, you will find that our high-spec, fit-for-purpose fabric band banners are usually less expensive than the cheaper PVC banner materials specified by other suppliers for band banners.



The cheapest band banners are made out of our standard Event Banner or PVC Banner material and start at just £6.50 per square metre. Any size is possible, so you can opt for a small 1m x 2m banner or a huge 10m X 20m banner to cover an entire stage.

PVC Banner material is B1 fire rated and suitable for indoor or outdoor events. The banners are fully waterproof and the colours are UV-resistant. The banner can be rolled up for storage and transport. However, folding them to squeeze them into a boot may damage them and produce unsightly creases.

Easy to clean, PVC Banner material can simply be wiped with a damp cloth to bring it up like new.

On the heavy side for band banners, PVC materials weigh in at 450gsm for our Event Banner, 500gsm for our Standard Trade Banner, to 850gsm for our Double-sided Heavy Duty material.


PVC Mesh material is ideal for larger outdoor band banners as its tiny holes allow wind to pass though. This reduces wind-loading on structures.

PVC Mesh material weighs in at 330gsm so is lighter than PVC Banner. It can be rolled up between performances but should not be folded.

PVC Mesh Banners start at just £9.50 per square metre.


Our recommended material for band banners, our polyester fabric is specially dye-sublimation printed which produces deep, vibrant colours on a non-reflective surface. The most popular specification is our 210gsm Polyester, but we also offer a very lightweight 115gsm as well.

Airmesh fabric is just 115gsm and contains tiny holes - this has proved ideal as speaker mesh for our clients.

Fabric Banners can be packed away very small, folding and/or rolling is no problem and they are usable indoors or outdoors.

We have a wide range of fabrics for banners.


We finish band backdrops and banners to your specification - all included in the price.


All our band banners are hemmed as standard. PVC materials are high frequency welded whilst our fabrics are stitched. Hemming adds strength to the banner edges and helps to prevent damage or fraying.


Metal eyelets can be fitted around all or just some edges of your banner. These give you secure points to attach clips, ropes or bungee shock cord in order to fit your banner at each venue.


Pole pockets or sleeves allow you to slide poles or bars through the top or bottom of a banner to aid fixing. You can use PVC or metal tubing, wooden dowels or even broom handles.


Our Backdrop Stands are proving increasingly popular. The Standard Stand expands to display a backdrop up to 8ft x 8ft, is easily transportable and sets up in less than 5 minutes. Our Backdrop Stands can be used to display any of our banner fabrics and materials.

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