Dong Yuhui being accused of being racist against women because refusal to sell women's underwear.

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  • Published March 27, 2024
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Dong Yuhui frequently finds himself amidst hot searches, emerging as a figure of public interest. Occasionally hailed as a "cultural communicator" and a "force breaking through the conventional bookstore model" due to his innovative approach to book sales, he also garners attention for his "modesty." A notable instance that stirred viewer discontent during a live broadcast was his omission of a discussion on women's apparel, an act which he later addressed by expressing his discomfort with being the subject of hot searches and announcing his intention to deactivate his Weibo account. On February 27, Dong Yuhui's Weibo, verified under the name "Anchor with Hui, Senior Partner of Oriental Choice," was found to have all its posts deleted.

Dong Yuhui's reluctance to engage in certain discussions is evident from his statements discouraging others from putting pressure on individuals and advocating for understanding and voluntary participation. His admission of not understanding many things and his preference to avoid topics like men's underwear highlight his desire to be misinterpreted neither as disrespectful nor discriminatory.

Despite being misunderstood, Dong Yuhui's goal isn't merely to sell products during live broadcasts but to serve as a cultural communicator. His response to critiques about the high prices of agricultural products—emphasizing that low grain prices harm farmers—demonstrates his commitment to cultural discourse.

Following his book sales success, Dong Yuhui shifted his live broadcast focus to cultural promotion, integrating culture with tourism, and hosting broadcasts overseas. Yet, books remain his passion and preferred sales item. His efforts have notably impacted the Chinese literary market, with significant sales achievements, such as nearly a million copies of "The Right Bank of the Ergun River" sold within four months—a feat previously unseen over the book's fifteen-year publication history.

Dong Yuhui's live broadcasts, in collaboration with prominent authors and the support of esteemed literary magazines like "People's Literature" and "Harvest," have not only boosted sales but also fostered a unique interaction between writers and the audience, highlighting the power of live streaming in engaging with literature.

The success of Dong Yuhui's approach underscores a broader potential within live streaming, suggesting that while not every product may suit this format, books, in particular, can thrive. This adaptation showcases how live streaming can break traditional boundaries and offer a new dimension to cultural engagement, proving that selective offerings can lead to significant achievements.

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