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A black eye is a common injury in our lives, we could suffer from this at least once every now and then.

Definition of a black eye

A black eye is used to described as an ecchymosis to become bruised under the skin of your eyes, caused by an injury to your head or eye or face. In the tissue, blood and liquids collect around the eye, becoming bruising. However, a black eye can be a symptom of other serious injuries.

Causes of a black eyes

A black eye is usually caused after a trauma to your face, such as an accident or a fall or a punch,…

Sometimes, cosmetic surgery to your face can also cause black eyes, such as a nose surgery or a facelifts or surgery on the jaw.

Depending on where your hitting is, either one or both your eyes may get blackened. For example, you were gotten a hitting to your nose, both your eyes may be swollen.

What are symptoms of a black eye?

In some cases, you can be confused between a black eye with other more serious head trauma.

Signs of a black eye include:

  • The space around your eye becomes purple or green. It can be red at first, then increases darker, turning to purple, yellow, bluish or black.

  • Pain in your blackened skin.

  • Swelling skin around your eye (which can be mild at first, then growing). This may make difficult to open and close your eyes.

  • You may get a blurred vision or a headache.


How to get rid of a black eye?

A black eye is not usually serious . It can be treated at home by a bunch of home remedies. You can normally reduce the symptoms of black eyes by yourself.

  • Ice pack

  • Cover ice pack in a clean and muslin cloth.

  • Keep it on your blackened eye for about 10 minutes.

  • Ice your blackened eye every hour during the first 48 hours.

Your black eye will be taken away quickly. This can also relieve pain.

Never hold ice cubes directly over your eyes and do not rub the ice. Instead of ice, you can also use a packet of frozen metal things, such as a spoon.

  • Warm compress

  • Put a clean cotton down in a warm water, then squeeze gently.

  • Hold the warm cloth over the space of black eye until the cloth turns cool.

  • You can also massage this area gently to improve blood circulation and reduce the dried blood accumulated under the skin.

  • Repeat the process several times a day.

  • Sliced potato

  • Refrigerate some fresh and muslin sliced potatoes for half an hour.

  • Place them over your affected eyes.

  • Keep it on for at least fifteen-minute to see quickly result.

  • Never leave it on your opened eyes.

  • Instead of sliced potato, you can also use grated one and apply it to the space of blackened eyes.

  • Chilled Tea Bags

After using tea bags, never throw those. Let refrigerate them and place over your blackened eyes for about fifteen minutes.

Repeat the process several five times a day on the first day to see quickly result.

  • Pineapple

There are two methods to help treat your black eyes with this fruit. Apply crushed pineapple around the area of your black eye.

Or you can use this fruit as a food or a drink to get rid of your black eyes faster.

  • Sliced cucumber

  • Refrigerate some fresh and muslin sliced cucumbers for half an hour.

  • Place them over your affected eyes.

  • Keep it on for at least fifteen-minute to see quickly result.

  • Instead of sliced cucumber, you can also use grated one and apply it to the space of blackened eyes to help reduce symptoms.

  • Natural oil

Use a fantastic natural oil to massage the affected space also can help reduce swelling. Olive oil is a great method is chose because it contains many bruise healing properties. You may use other kinds of oil also, such as coconut oil. Always massage as gentle as possible because it might make more pain and trauma.

  • Vitamin C

Vitamin C promotes an increase in the speed of treatment because it helps boosting the body’s natural defense system. Add more vitamin C rich foods to your diet like orange, papaya, yellow bell pepper, guavas or dark green leafy vegetables,…

  • Vitamin K

A black eye can get a inflammation which can be reduced by using of vitamin K. It will work excellent when it combines with your vitamin C and any other home remedy.

Add more vitamin K rich foods to your diet such as green leafy vegetables (Spinach, Beet Greens,…) or brassica Vegetables and other Spices High in Vitamin K like chili powder and hot spices.

Bio: Jelly Jeff is an editor of which provides natural home remedies, health tips and nutrition information to promote health living. She is a nurse however she loves writing and doing research therefore she appreciates to be a good writer in well-being.

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