5 Things to Consider when Looking for a Family Dentist

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  • Published April 14, 2017
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Great dental care does not happen on its own, and neither does it happen overnight. A lot of work and care are put into keeping good teeth. It also helps if you visit a dentist regularly. Finding a family dentist in Leicester to take care of the needs of an entire family does not have to be a hard job. There are some simple requirements when searching for a family dentist. The following is a short list of things to consider when looking for a family dentist.

Family dentists usually keep their clients for life. The only reason they do not keep their client is if they made a mistake during a procedure. Or alternatively, if the patient requires special dental care due to sensitive teeth, low pain threshold, or excessive bleeding from a disease of some sort. There are few reasons to change dentists. For another, it is easier to stick to a dentist you have known for a long while, rather than find a replacement.


Dentists have a bad reputation with kids. This is due to the pain associated with the dentist visit. For some kids and adults, just thinking about a dentist visit can bring chills down the spine. The only solution is to have a friendly dentist with great rapport. A family dentist has to have rapport with his patients in order to keep them comfortable and feel safe. Pain has always been a part of a visit to the dentist, even for something as mundane as dental veneers Leicester. That is the effect that a dentist has on a person. However, if the dentist has great bedside manners, then a feeling of trust is developed. Children have to trust their dentist in order to be comfortable with them as the sit on the dentist chair.


Still the best source of patients for dentists are referrals. The main reason for this is the patient’s comfort level. If the patient feels confident about his treatment, then he would not hesitate to refer the dentist to his friends and colleagues. In the same manner, people would rather ask their friends for referrals trusting that their first hand experience is a good gauge in choosing a family dentist.


One common consideration in choosing dentists is the proximity of the dentist’s clinic to one’s home. This can be a deal breaker if the dental clinic is more than a reasonable distance from home. One reason for this is psychological. The nearer a person lives to a clinic, the less reasons he has of not visiting. The convenience is also something to consider. If you can get home to the comfort of your own home after a painful oral operation, then that would help you get better and faster. You can go to have your dental implants fixed and still have time to get back home for lunch.


Nowadays, it may not make sense to have a dentist appointment if it will be a long wait of a couple of weeks. Admittedly, it is hard to schedule an appointment. However, if you can set an appointment fairly easily then that helps a lot. There are some procedures where a quick visit at the soonest possible time is much preferred. This does not happen very often, but when it does, you would want to get it done and over with as soon as possible. When you have the need for services in general dentistry, you should not stray far from your own home.

Payment and Financing

Not all services are covered by dental insurance. The dentist should have affordable payment schemes or financing. This may be a matter of policy in the clinic and it should be clear from the very beginning what the policy is. In terms of medical insurance, you should also get a confirmation that the dentist or the clinic for general dentistry is registered with your insurance company. These small things can be clarified early on, and it will prevent any misunderstanding.

A friendly neighborhood family dentist is a recent development. Before the idea of preventive medicine came along, people did not bother to visit their dentist unless they had problems with their teeth. Nowadays, it is quite common for kids to go through a period where they have braces or retainers. For younger children, cavities can be prevented at a very young age.

Deven Slaves is a Marketing Manager at Natural Smiles. Natural Smiles is a family dentist in Leicester offering quality dental veneers in Leicester and nearby areas.

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