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  • Published May 4, 2017
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Dubbed one of the most happening places in Europe and the world, Budapest has some of the wildest events, gorgeous females, delectable cuisine and an exhilarating night life scene. Their high quality entertainment zones like pubs, bars and discos cannot be outmatched.

The quality of service, hospitality of the natives and the prices have made this a very popular adventurous vacation spot and the center of stag weekends. From wild nights out to drunken festivities with an armload of attractive topless women, Budapest has some of the most interesting stag parties that can unleash the beast in any man. The night life in Budapest is one of the cheapest in the European union, with access to a plenary of watering holes, along with a guided bar crawl.

Some of the top stag activities that one can experience in the vibrant city are :

1.Stag Arrest :

A popular event for bachelor parties that are sure to be the highlight of the occasion. The groom to be is set up to be arrested by fake cops who throw a bag over his head and bundle him into an authentic looking police car and then he is transported to a strip club for the actual bachelor party under the pretext of being taken to the police station. A wild affair from start to finish that is sure to induce a scare and a whole lot of fun into an obviously embarrassing situation for the groom to be.

2.Beer Bike :

One of the more adventurous events where the group rides a huge bike to visit the various tourist spots around the city, while also indulging in multiple glasses of beer. It comes with a driver and 20 liters of beer for guzzling along the way. The bike can accommodate a maximum of 14 people.

3.Dinner and a Lesbian Show :

Guests are treated to a high quality steak dinner and have an English speaking guide present to help them along. They are also treated to a tantalizing, erotic lesbian show with two gorgeous strippers which lasts for 15 minutes. Each guest receives a steak dinner and two beers , and the entire event lasts around 2 hours.

4.Strip Dinner - Wine Cellar :

Another delightful stag event where guests have a table reserved, provided a shot on arrival and then treated to a three course sumptuous meal. The activity also includes a sensational strip tease in an area privately reserved for the party, an English speaking guide, and also three glasses of wine each. The duration of the event is 2 hours.

5.Shooting Events :

Shooting events are divided based on the equipment allowed to be handled and number of bullets allocated such as Shooting Plus, KGB shooting, Kalashnikov shooting, shooting plus and shooting max.

6.Szechenyi Thermal Baths :

A pass to the famous thermal baths which contain natural and medicinal hot springs. Each guest is provided a beer and allowed to use the onsite treatment rooms available. There are around 18 indoor and outdoor pools, along with 10 saunas for use in the 'City of Baths'.

7.Escape Room :

One of the more interesting events that require the brain to function, the escape room requires the group to solve puzzles to reach the end and escape the room. The event provides an English speaking guide along with a beer each.

With so many interesting and intriguing events happening on a regular pace, the experience and memories made in Budapest is something that will last forever.

I decided to pour my knowledge and passion about our city into a website (, giving a helping hand to tourists searching for information on Budapest.

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