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  • Published May 3, 2017
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Watch out people if you are traveling to India for the first time because you will be blown with the cultural richness of this country. But stepping in and walking with your rules is not something you can do in this country. We know that India is all about a diverse unity and if you want to enjoy and savor in the complete unique heritage of this country, you have to mingle up with us. Come join us in India and become a part of us for a while by knowing little things about this place and knowing how it feels to live like this.

So let’s get started with all those people from San Francisco who have all the feels for the beaches and heat. Here, Goa would be your kind of place but we think you should book your cheap flights from San Francisco to Hyderabad because this city is completely opposite to what you have seen. This city is a platter of royal etiquettes and habits. Ever been to the Nizami culture? No? Come visit Hyderabad. Let’s put a break on beaches for a while. Travel from San Francisco to Hyderabad to see what this city holds to show you and give you.

Before coming here, make sure you know a few little things that are essential for your trip. Given below are my personal ten tips that will help you survive in India and I am sure you will not have any problem in following them. So here we go!

Avoid burning out.

Make sure that you are not a victim of fatigue and don’t try burning yourself out there. Take proper care if you are in India.

Get away from the city.

Cities might loo posh and all but they are definitely not what you must see in India. Get away to the outskirts, explore the wildlife and the earthen lifestyle of people out there. Know that the real India lies in its villages and forests. Not in the cities!

Watch whatever you eat and drink.

Make sure you don’t eat anything just by an experimental way. Know what the dish is all made of and then check if you can bear the spices. Because India is known to be the bearer of spicy etiquettes. So make sure you know how much of spices you can consume and eat accordingly.

Don’t be too precious about your personal space.

It is important to know that India is a country where emotions and bonds are very much valued and this leads to the fact that people will surely interfere in your lives and they will surely want to know if you are fine or not. So do not expect much of privacy because firstly it is not needed and secondly, the more you mingle, the more you will enjoy here.

Dress conservatively.

We know there is nothing absurd in the way we all dress up but when we are traveling to India, we need to dress according to their culture and they believe in wearing a little more than we do. Or may be you should try dressing up like them which will be even more fun to try. So make sure it is not just jeans and bikinis. Try a traditional skirt or drape a saree.

Watch the way your hands and legs move.

There are certain traditions and rituals that people in India follow. You can use your legs to touch or indicate something because it might be unholy for them. They have manners which are different from ours. So make a note of their values before going there.

Take care of the timings.

In India, make sure that you know that you got to check your timings and move because of the time difference that we already have.

Stay safe and keep your things safe.

It is important to not lose your important documents and passports safe. The pick pocketing is famous all over the world but in Hyderabad, the crowded places tend to betray our safety.

Make sure you know that India is noisy.

Do not expect to not hear noise because it is India. People will be chattering away and sharing their excitement all the time. Moreover the markets are always crowded and filled with clink-clanks. So yes, you got to get used to the noises.

Avoid deals that are too good to be true.

Don’t try to believe someone who is trying to sell you the best thing at a cheap price. It means that is definitely not something precious. Know what you are buying and make sure you talk about it to a lot of people so that they will help you out. After all, India is not a country full of bad people.

Know these little differences and then your trip will be more awesome than you expect it to be. India is a place where you have so many surprises bombarding every day and it just becomes a daily routine for you to hear and see new things. Just get used to them.

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