Why power banks are becoming the most important phone accessory

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  • Author Lloyd Simpson
  • Published May 14, 2017
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As our world becomes more and more connected, power banks are becoming a necessity. Phone usage increases year on year, and smartphones are becoming more and more advanced. As the demand for greater processing power grows – so that users can multitask, take photographs at camera quality and use all the apps they want - so too does power consumption. Power banks allow users to carry their power source wherever they go, in a convenient and easy-to-use product, and services like Personalised Power Bank allow you to design your own power banks with an easy personalising service.

All of the companies that dominate conversation about new technology in the media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tinder and more – are focusing their efforts on smartphone users, as this is increasingly where customers access their content – on apps or through mobile internet browsers. Most of these companies rely on ad revenue from these websites, and ad revenue is increasingly coming from phone users. As these companies continue to encourage people to use their apps and services, consumers will continue to use their phones to access them. For example, apps like Instagram and Snapchat are mobile-only – you can view Instagram content on a PC but you can’t upload anything. To be part of the conversation, you have to be online, and on a smartphone. 

According to Exchange Wire, over 91% of UK millennials own smart phones. On average, people check their smartphones 45 times a day, according to multinational software and professional services company SDL – and all that usage will drain batteries quickly. The most popular apps will be checked most frequently, and leaving them running in the background, as most multitasking smartphones allow users to do, will drain a phone’s battery even faster.

Most phone manufacturers don’t allow a customer to replace their phone’s built in battery or storage, but most people aren’t able to carry around a charging plug and have access to power supplies whenever they need it. Increasingly, we’re seeing a dilemma wherein customers need more power than a single charging cycle on their smartphones can provide.

The solution to the power problem with smartphones is simple: portable power banks, carrying charge for smartphones and other portable electronic devices. Considering Apple’s latest decision to remove the headphone jack from their latest iPhones, instead introducing AirPods that need to be charged, having an external power source will become even more important for anyone that uses Bluetooth technology. Power banks come in many shapes and sizes, from standard entry level models that are ideal for the everyday consumer to power banks with huge capacities for heavy power users.

Users that want the newest phone will appreciate the latest in digital print technology, offering picture-perfect reproduction of photographs, text and logos on capable and powerful power banks. Personalised Power Bank can offer completely custom and bespoke power banks. There’s a power bank for every kind of user: their Cuboid Metal Power Bank is perfect for any casual user who just needs a boost during the day, while the Flat Power Bank is probably the best power bank for an iPhone user due to the ergonomically similar shapes. A high capacity power bank like the Power bank Plus is ideal for power users who need to charge iPads or larger smartphones more than once a day.

Personalised phone cases are already a large part of the smartphone accessories market, but as the demand for more power continues, personalised power banks will probably become more popular. Younger users are likely to prefer a device that is aesthetically pleasing, and can be personalised. As power banks become more of a household item, people will look to find a more interesting version that can be given as a gift. Printed power banks are perfect for gifts for family and friends, and are completely unisex as a gift, being suitable for both men and women. The option to completely personalise a power bank with the recipient’s name is ideal for personal gifts, but also a unique opportunity for businesses as a piece of promotional merchandise to demonstrate their appreciation to customers and business partners.

Personalised Powerbank provides a range of top-quality power banks to suit any user, with custom personalisation and crystal clear digital print reproduction.

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