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  • Published May 19, 2017
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A Comfortaire mattress promises what its name implies – a restful sleep in luxurious comfort. According to its press releases, it has been setting the standard in quality air mattresses for over twenty-five years now. It claims to continue redefining these standards through the innovations that it enforces in its new mattress designs. This is such a tall claim for a company that has a little over two decades of experience under its belt. A look at the company’s product line and at the user reviews will determine whether or not mattress developed by Comfortaire is really true to what it is purported to offer.


A mattress produced by Comfortaire features air chambers that work as support systems in place of a spring unit. The newer designs have taken a step further on this innovation by using urethane alloy air cores combined with a box top design. This pushes air to the top of the mattress so that it offers enhanced support by gently following the contours of the body.

Another interesting feature of the Comfortaire products is the patented Omalon support pads that complement the support functions of the air chambers. The low-profile chamber in the mattress allows air to travel all the way to the edge of the bed. No matter which part of the bed you lie on, you’re supposed to experience the same level of support on the mattress.

Other Features

According to various consumer reviews and the company’s website, a Comfortaire mattresses offers certain features that may not be found in similar products. One remarkable quality that its new product line has is its ability to address the issue of trapped heat, one of the toughest challenges that mattresses face. The new air chamber design allows heat and moisture to pass through the surface so it doesn’t stay inside and damage the mattress. While doing so, the air chambers are still capable of retaining internal pressure for a long time. The mattress brand also has a unique formulation that helps eliminate and reduce bacterial contamination as well as the buildup of fungus and mildew on the mattress.

Consumer Reviews

The Comfortaire mattress has garnered numerous consumer reviews. Many who have tried the product have provided positive feedback on it. Most consumers agree that the mattress offers great comfort mainly attributed to its adjustability. Another good point about the product is that it is easy to assemble. Even a California king size mattress is easy to maneuver around the house.

Another consumer writes that the mattress offers restful sleep because of the back support that it provides. Customer service also got another positive point as many consumers found the company’s support options helpful enough. There are no reported issues with regards to sagging in the middle of the bed or problems with the edges. Complaints about some products range from the noisy pump that doesn’t come with number setting on the controls to poor construction quality and the zipper being not heavy duty. The price does offer great value for the budget conscious, though.

Affordable prices, innovative air chamber technology offering optimum support and extreme comfort are just three of the selling points of the Comfortaire mattress. On a scale of one to five, this product gets a four.

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