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Mountain biking jerseys are the new cool in trend! The super designs or quotes, add a bit more of the ‘oomph’ factor to your personality. If you are riding with others; ride it like a team and wear some cool biking jersey.

Talking about wearing cool jerseys, apart from style, you must keep in mind few tips that will help you to choose the correct jersey!

Tips to help you choose the best mountain bike jersey

Though it is not very different from other street style jerseys, there are few things that you must double check –

Tip 1: Material

Choose between these two – a. Cotton; b. Lycra.

Don’t go for wool, georgette or linen. These materials are not fit while you are riding in the mountains.

Tip 2: No vest

Keep that vest in your bag! If you think vests will soak up your sweat; then you are wrong. Rather, if you don’t wear a vest, the jersey will dry up faster.

Tip 3: Size

Make sure that it fits your body perfectly. Wearing loose jersey will let the air pass through and make you feel extremely uncomfortable as the wind will drag in the

opposite direction.

Tip 4: Color

It’s a wrong notion that wearing light color mountain biking jerseys will reflect the heat and keep you cool. It is not something you should not look for in a biking jersey. Dark color clothes will keep your body temperature in control. Also, this will get less dirty.

To add edge and be safe, don’t forget to get to add mountain biking hat. It will also keep you protected from the sun.

Tip 5: Sleeves

It is best to wear half sleeve. This gives just the proper amount of ventilation and will help you to have a comfortable riding.

Tip 6: Design

Don’t go for something way too funky as per design. Try to keep it simple as it looks the best and most stylish. Rest, it entirely depends on your choice.

You may also carry a mountain bike trucker to keep your stuff safe along with maintaining ease of riding.

After you decide on the favorite biking jersey, the next thing is to know how to keep it clean? Here are more tips on washing your jersey.

Tips on caring and washing your biking jerseys

These tips will certainly increase the durability of your mountain biking jerseys!

Tip 1: Pre-rinse care

As there will be dirt, dust, and mud on your jersey; before putting it inside the washing machine hosing is important with mild washing liquid on the stain areas.

Tip 2: Wash inside out!

After hosing, you must turn it inside out and then wash it to decrease the fading of those prints.

Tip 3: Don’t use harsh chemicals

Instead of hash washing powder, go for liquid laundry soap. This will keep your clothes longevity intact. It will also prevent color bleeding.

Tip 4: After washing care

Don’t put it under direct sunlight to dry. Rather, dry it in the shadow and don’t squeeze the extra water with too much force. It creates crease lines. The last thing –

Dry it inside out!

Now, your mountain bike jersey will be fine without any problem. If you want to get some cool jerseys, try online stores and get some discounts along with a variety of designs. Choose the best shopping site to get better jerseys!

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