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  • Published July 6, 2017
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Many customers who opt for a chemical peel treatment or skin resurfacing treatment to get rid of unsightly blemishes such as scarring and acne or to reduce fine or deep lines could be doing more damage to their skin than they first thought. Many will put up with the sunburnt, blistered skin for upwards of 14 days after treatment to achieve their goal of a more blemish-free face but there is a better, more delicate way to achieve the ultimate facial.

High Profile Technologies Ltd presents the Treo Peel – a chemical peel, hydro-dermabrasion and skin resurfacing machine all in one. It is a fast and easy alternative for clients to achieve their goal, offering three 10-minute treatments to achieve the cleansing and purifying effects of a chemical peel with the gentleness of a hydro-dermabrasion treatment using three separate chemical treatments. Each session lasts only 30 minutes in total and will experience no downtime, no discomfort and no painful after-effects.

Stage 1- The Peel

Alpha-Hydroxy Acid (AHA), better known as Lactic acid, is applied to the face which strips away dead skin cells and other debris from the skin’s surface. This acid is water soluble and perfectly safe for facial use. This solution allows the pores to open up for easier removal of blackheads, dead skin and other blemishes. Once the acid has had time to work on the skin it is removed through a mixture of hydro and contact dermabrasion as well as gentle suction to remove debris and dead skins cells to reveal cleaner, fresher skin beneath. This stage primes the skin for stage 2, allowing further impurities to be removed.

Stage 2 - Pure

Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA), better known as Salicylic Acid, is a fat-soluble acid which further removes impurities and strips excess oils from the skin. As this solution is fat soluble, this treatment is especially effective for those with oilier or combination skin types and is highly effective for the T-zone area. Excess oils and impurities sitting on the surface of the skin and hiding in pores are removed again through a mixture of hydro and contact dermabrasion as well as gentle suction, leaving the skin sterilised and purified. Once the skin has been stripped of all excess oil and debris, as well as any solution from stage 1, a hydrating mask is applied to the skin.

Stage 3 – Zing

The skin surface is now ready for the application of the Zing Super Hydrating liquid which is jam packed with nutrients, vitamins (especially vitamin B) and minerals. This pressurised hydrating soak leaves skin super-hydrated, softened and nourished. As well as providing hydration, the mask also has a powerful antioxidant effect that not only increases elasticity to the skin but also whitens darker pigmentation on the skin's surface such as unsightly age spots and skin tone imbalances.

Stage 4 – Clean

While this step is not for the client, but for the machine, it is a very important part of the process. As the Treo machine is self-cleaning, users will only have to touch a button on the touchscreen display and the system soap will wash and clean the hand-piece, hose and machine after each treatment. Users will only have to remove the tips from the hose and insert it back into the red holder behind the screen and the self-cleaning function will take care of the rest. Each clean cycle is completed within minutes, which leaves you ready to greet and prepare your next client, safe in the knowledge that the machine maintains a high level of hygiene for each and every use without having to do much more than replace the solution bottles when they run out!

Each of the Treo Liquid Solutions comes in a 500ml bottle which can be fitted quickly and with ease from left to right. Each stage of the treatment takes only 10 minutes, and the machine times each stage and will make sure to automatically switch off after each treatment has reached this time, allowing you to fully concentrate on the client.

The Treo machine uses two different hand-pieces – the Cyclonic model and Combi-dermabrasion model – which are certain to give your clients that unique Treo Treatment glow.

The Original Cyclonic Handset

The Original Cyclonic hand-piece was specifically designed to swirl Treo Liquid Solutions in a vortex around the hand-piece tip. By using this vortex motion, the liquid gentles massages across the surface of the client’s skin giving the benefits of Hydro-dermabrasion, while the powerful suction effectually eliminates dead skin cells and impurities.

The New Combi-dermabrasion Handset

The New Combi-dermabrasion hand-piece offers the unique experience of both hydro and contact dermabrasion concurrently from a singular handset. The Treo treatment is designed to be completely pain-free while still delivering a more intense peel for the surface of the skin. The combi-dermabrasion handset achieves this while also simultaneously aiding in the absorption of the Zing Super Hydrating solution, allowing it to penetrate the skin more deeply

Installation is quick and easy and the machine can be built, set up and ready to use within a matter of minutes. The simplistic touchscreen monitor not only controls the machine but also memorises treatment specifics for the future, creating a faster, more efficient and complete system.

Of course, it is always the results that show the effectiveness of the Treo Treatment. Before and after tests were conducted on both men and women to evaluate the moisture and elasticity of clients' skin using UV histogram comparisons. All clients experienced dramatic improvements, with the average improvement to skin moisture and elasticity up, increasing by 34%.

Acne and black heads were also drastically reduced in clients, leaving their skin cleaner, fresher and in noticeably better condition without the unsightly reddening or swelling associated with chemical peels.

So instead of buying a separate chemical peel machine, hydro-dermabrasion machine, and a skin resurfacing machine, contact High Profile Technologies Ltd today to see how the alternative 3 in 1 Treo Peel Machine could benefit your business. Technology and chemistry in harmony.

Jack Garvey

High Profile Technologies Ltd

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