One Of The Best Wash and Go Hairstyles: The Lob

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  • Published September 23, 2017
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When you want wash and go hair there is a great style to try. The lob! This style is a "long bob" that’s very easy to take care of, because it’s not too long and it’s not too short. Just like Goldilocks, it’s "just right." The lob is cut right about two inches below your jawline. One of the best benefits is that this length is cut at one of the fullest parts of your hair, so it’s naturally going to help it look thick and healthy. Here are some other nice benefits of the lob hair cut.

It Gets Rid Of Damaged Long Hair

If you have been dying your hair for a while now and the ends are lack-luster, then it might be time to go with this shorter style. Don’t worry because the long bob is still fairly long for hair, but it’s at a length that is easier to manage and keep healthy.

Perfect For Wash and Go Styles

The lob doesn't need much to look good, especially if you have some natural wave to your hair. A beach or salt spray is your best friend for this look. Spray it all over damp hair and let it air dry. You’ll have that glorious beachy texture that looks effortlessly cool.

The Lob Can Still Be Pulled Back

Many people like the option with the lob that this length can still be pulled back with a ponytail holder. It’s great for the gym, days you don’t wash your hair, and whenever you just don’t feel like having it in your face. Secure it back with a cute clip and you’re styled for the day. You can’t do that with a traditional bob hairstyle, because it’s just too short.

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