How can you enhance the productivity of your employees by improving the lighting fixture?


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If you are thinking it’s just not happening or simply not clicking the mind to work in this environment and thinking about start working with a new enthusiasm to increase productivity, then I would suggest changing the lights of your workplace. I promise you won’t regret a bit giving it a shot.

Significance of Good Lighting in Workplace

When it comes to run a successful business one of the most important things you need to have is an energizing work force. Not only the lighting but the color of your wall, the temperature of your room, the noise around you etc. have also a great impact on productivity. But the problem regarding lighting from a migraine to eye strain is plenty. So from my end, I would say that changing the whole environment by changing the lighting system of your office can increase up to 70% productivity as well as employee satisfaction.

Make A Way for the Natural Light to Come In

It’s scientifically proved that people who work in daylight are more productive than the people work in artificial lights. People are significantly sleepier in AL (Artificial lights) and poor lighting's can drop our cortisol level remarkably as its proven on recent research that human brain reacts mostly according to the color temperature of the lighting fixture used around a specific environment. Workers who work in a place without windows reported scoring lower than employees work in a good environment with windows and the sunshine on quality of life measures related to physical problems and vitality. Due to the design of your building, practically it might not be possible to install more windows but make sure to open all the windows possible to let the sun shine in.

Create an Atmosphere to Develop Ideas

"The companies with high standard of interior design can increase productivity up to 36%" - Nope not my saying but this was evidenced by a study from Germany’s Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial engineering often companies face a question that cow then can improve their staff well-being as well as increase the productivity with a motivational environment. Well, the Light Right Consortium came to a conclusion that light increases productivity in a comprehensive research. People can work more comfortable with more accuracy if they have controllable lights on their desk.

Keep Your Body Warm and the Head Cool

A test was conducted in different office temperature at a large Florida Insurance Company and the data found will keep your mouth open-

"When temperature was low (68 degrees or 20 degrees Celsius) employees made 44% more mistakes than at optimal room temperature (77 degrees or 25 degrees Celsius)"

This study also points out that, the productivity is less not only because you feel uncomfortable but also you are distracted to keep yourself warm.

Plan Your Office Space

Planning your office space is as important as selecting the lights for your office. First draw a floor plan you will be lighting and include detailed information like the positioning of doors, windows and placement of furniture etc. Think about the tasks you are going to do in each room and determine how much lights you gonna need to do these tasks.

Say Goodbye to Old Flicking Lighting's

People from the 20th century will know how irritating these old flicking fluorescent lights can be. These lights caused irritable mood, severe migraine, eye strain and what not!! So it’s very important to replace all the existing flicking lights ASAP with suitable work friendly lights to improve the productivity as well as to prevent your employees from raging burst.

High Bay Lights for Bigger Space

If you are thinking to change the lighting of a large area like warehouse or manufacturing area or garments, then LED High Bay lights would be the best choice but for office lighting is has to be the LED Panel lights for pure white lights. These lights have an incredible life span of 10-12 years with nearly 70% energy efficiency. You can easily fit these lights to the ceiling or walls and will drastically improve the quality of lights around your office.

So take time and compare your productivity with the existing office environment. It’s not an issue you can avoid. After all your employees are the backbone of your company and their comfort should be the first priority.

Ryan Aslatt, I’m a content strategist, freelance writer and an independent blogger. I mostly write on LED Lighting, Sustainable Lighting Solution and Eco Friendly Energy alternatives like littil led lights

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