Natural Treatment Options For Joint Pain During Pregnancy

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  • Published October 4, 2017
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A lot of women experience joint pain during pregnancy. Inflammation can cause pain and swelling in your joints. Moreover, it can also lead to arthritis. According to health experts, the most common causes of joint pain or arthritis are lack of movement, cold and toxins in your diet or personal care products.

Excess weight on the body is also another common cause of joint pain during pregnancy. In recent years, it has been proved that some anti-inflammatory drugs and medications can have side effects. Therefore, people have been inclined toward natural treatment options to get rid of inflammation and joint pain. Here are some natural treatment options you can use:

  • Oil Your Joints

Omegas can help eliminate inflammation, while keeping your joints lubricated from the inside. You can use a healing oil to minimize pain. Most health experts recommend tonic oil to patients. It can stimulate, activate and warm the flow of blood. Massaging some tonic oil on your affected joints can provide some relief from pain. You can even prepare your own tonic oil by adding a few drops of camphor, wintergreen and eucalyptus to sesame oil. You can also purchase tonic oil from the market. It can help with your joint pain during pregnancy.

  • Address Chronic Infections and Food Allergies

If you ignore your chronic infections or potential food allergies, you may be fighting a losing battle. Your body should be prepared to fight various challenges everyday. Therefore, it's very important to discuss these problems with your doctor. He will be able to recommend some effective solutions. Eliminating these problems will help reduce inflammation in the long term.

  • Reducing Toxins in Food and Personal Care Products

When your body absorbs a lot of toxic substances, it leads to joint pain during pregnancy. This may be the underlying cause of chronic inflammation. Toxins may enter your body through the skin or digestive tract. You need to cut down your intake of toxic substances. It's important to focus on organic foods and personal care products.

  • Focus on Movement

Although outdoor fun for people suffering from joint pain during pregnancy may be out of the picture, you need to find ways to keep your joints moving and maintain range of motion. It will help you reduce some inflammation. For instance, brisk walks and cycling can be excellent anti-inflammatory tips. Other ways to get physical include pregnancy specific dance class, hatha yoga or working out.

  • Develop a Healthy Diet Plan

For some people, certain foods can make the problem worse. Therefore, you should consult a nutritionist, and make sure you develop a healthy diet plan with some anti-inflammatory food choices. Some food items that worsen the problem include dairy products, white sugar, foods with chemical additives and more. The right mix of a healthy diet, exercise and rest will make sure you get some relief from the problem.

These were some of the most effective anti-inflammatory tips to help relieve your joint pain during pregnancy. With these tips, you will be able to reduce inflammation, and get some relief from pain and swelling.

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