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Science fiction writers and futurologists once predicted that computers will become so small that you could fit one on your palm. Palmtop, they were called affectionately. The glistening future of astounding ‘techtopia’ is here. Welcome to the future!

Your regular run of the mill smart phone that you toss around and moan about not having this, that and the other thing would have been inconceivable to anyone living in the 80s and 90s. Yet, here we are, entering 2017, in a magnificently different world from the one we lived in not more than 2 decades ago.

The average smart phone is more powerful than the computer that landed Apollo 11 on the moon. And at the end of 2016 the choices for great smart phones are so vast that you get almost an option paralysis.

But fear not. If you are looking to find out what are your best options looking at spreadsheets on the go, or where you will get the option of teleporting your phone screen to a big monitor, or simply which phone will be an effective secure phone that will ram along with you to the end of your long working day, then look no further. Here are the 5 best of the best smart phones that will fulfill your requirements in no particular order:


The Verge, boasting a 1.3 million viewer subscriptions, and Android Authority, adorned by 2.4 million subscribers, described Samsung S7 Edge as the nicest phone to hold. They were talking about the phone’s ergonomics: how easy it is to grab, hold, and use with one hand etc.

The S7 Edge offers a lot of conventional and unconventional features packed into its futuristic beveled screen. If you go to ‘settings’ and then ‘edge screen’ you can set up a quick glance option for your notifications, stock price feed sports update, news, and any other RSS feed you wish set up.

What the phone does then is quite a technological marvel. When you want to see these feed you can rub your finger along the edge of the screen and these will come up like a scroll on just on the edge, without turning on the whole screen. This allows you to get your update without turning on the display during a meeting or a in a dark room, where you don’t disturb others.

But this is simply one use of the edge screen. The features and utilities are too numerous to list here. The phone is full water and dust resistant, has amazing crisp camera, fast and wireless charging options to name just a few.

With 5.5 inch display, 12 mega pixel camera, 4 GB RAM, expandable storage up to 64 GB, and 3600 mAh battery the Galaxy S7 Edge is all utilitarian and no gimmick.

The battery life is particularly enticing. With casual or heavy usage the batter lasts one full day. This phone will stay alive during your long banking hours and then more.

OnePlus 3T:

Known for competing with the market giants with really reasonably priced smart phones the company OnePlus has been called "flagship killer" and the "next big thing".

With its newest release of the OnePlus series the company delivers on the original promise again: all of the high specs and none of the high prices.

With 64 GB of non-extendable flash storage and 6 GB of RAM the new OnePlus 3T comes with a great sleek full ‘unibody’ metal jacket design.

Its finger print reader is among the fastest in the market, which means it is secured and fast at the same time. It’s "shelf" feature allows you to keep and access memos or notes really quickly. This is very helpful for taking quick notes during meetings or jotting something down so that you won’t forget it later.

It has 3k mAh powered battery but it comes with a "dash charging" facility. It means that the phone will not necessarily need overnight charging but instead with its special dash charging you can plug in and get nearly full charge in 30 minutes.

With its 5.5 inch AMOLED display it’s very comfortable view documents and email messages.

If you are looking to get a great phone that has all the facilities of big name brand flagship models then it doesn’t get much better than the OnePlus3T.

Google Pixel:

It’s not water resistant or doesn’t quite as flashy as some of its competitors but for pure performance the Google Pixel is one of the best Android options out there.

Coming from the tech giant itself the phone is advertised with the rather brazen slogan: "phone by Google – made by Google." Google says that it has "the highest rated smartphone camera. Ever." The camera has been lauded by renowned tech reviewers like Marques Brownlee, who called it the "best Android smartphone." Pixel has powerful battery life that lasts all day. It is also the first phone with the Google Assistant built in, which means the artificial intelligence (AI) support is unmatched.

Assistant is an AI bot that uses machine learning utilizing Google’s gigantic search database to answer your questions. It can schedule reminders, look up facts and places to eat, set alarms, give directions, translate phrases and more. The machine learning is set to constantly learn from "experience", meaning that it learns from ‘you’ and ‘your’ use of the phone.

This is certainly the ultimate phone to get if you are comfortable with and make good use of the vast apparatus of Google. For instance, the Pixel comes with free, unlimited Google Photo storage, which will be very useful if you want to keep your scanned documents stored online. Google is also able to turn your scan into text, including Bengali text.


Have you ever felt frustrated with scrolling down to read emails on your phone, or wondered what it would feel like to be able to read a full sentence where the text is not cropped? Blackberry’s unique wide screen shape has been a providing the cure for its fans with a tons of other unique advantages.

Often praised as the most secured phone in the world, BlackBerry’s Passport has broken new grounds. It is a "pure productivity machine, and emblematic of the company’s professional, business-focused mindset," said Nate Ralph of the popular tech review site

Despite its limitations in the apps department, its powerful hardware and a slew of clever features are fully prepared to give iOS and Android a run for their money.

People annoyed by mobile screen typing will find the signature BlackBerry’s physical keyboard, which is even better on the Passport with all its nifty technologies.

It is immensely easy, because of the screen size and the keyboard, to view and edit documents, write emails and manage other paper work. While some think its square shape makes it awkward, others find it interesting and one of a kind.

The 4.5-inch BlackBerry Passport is surprisingly light despite its heavy look. Its 3.5 inches wide display makes it wider than phablets like the 5.7-inch Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus.

BlackBerry phones are widely recognized as phones for professionals. The Passport builds upon that reputation and adds more with it. The battery life in this phone is unrivaled with batter lasting 2 to 3 days with mixed usage.

With its proprietary browser the Passport offers unique internet experience. It has the address bar on the bottom so you don’t have to reach out to the top every time you want to type a new search. The Hub feature makes it so much easy to manage your SMS and email messages. Also the size of the screen makes the browsing super convenient.

With checking spreadsheets, office documents, ebooks, presentations and full-scale websites so much convenient this is one of the ultimate phones for office use or any use.

iPhone 7 Plus:

iPhone 7 Plus is more on the phablet territory than regular phone. It is "markedly better than the smaller model", as observes.

The phone has an astounding camera that’s turning heads. Because of the larger size the batter life is also significantly better than its smaller brother the iPhone 7.

Even though the 7 Plus is the most expensive iPhone to date it strives to offer the user as much as it can. Apple is offering both 128GB and 256GB storage version for different prices.

With Apple App Store ever expanding the usage of the phone for document viewing and editing is easier than ever. With the new A10 Fusion chip, two high performance cores, and two low-power cores that use less battery power during everyday tasks the 7 Plus is prepared to take on full day duty and stay strong until you finish.

There is of course the consideration that you might wait a little longer and get the iPhone 8. That is not a bad idea at all. But if you want the best iPhone available now then 7 Plus is ‘it’.

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