What Questions To Ask Your Truck Accident Attorney In New Jersey In The Initial Consultation?


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  • Published April 2, 2018
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When you are stuck with some serious truck accident, it becomes really important for you to find out the right professional truck accident attorney in New Jersey. This expert can answer all your questions relating to truck accidents, but first out whether the attorney you are about to hire is better for you or not.

When you are trying to live a normal stress-free life and suddenly notice some serious truck accident striking you badly. Huge truck wrecks caused double the pain, it’s like higher the size of the vehicle higher is the damages. The truck accident can steal your peace and give you innumerable pain and sufferings which s why you need to seek compensation for the damages incurred. It can be the best for you if you hire professional truck accident attorney in New Jersey who will be able to handle your accident case and fight for your justice. Also before you hire them, it is necessary to check how well the attorney provides services and whether they are suitable for you or not. Asking questions in the initial consultation can give you the idea about them. If you have no idea about what questions you need to ask them, here are a few lists of question that can solve your initial consultation confusion, have a look.

Here Are Few Questions You Need To Ask The Professional Truck Accident Attorney

• Background And Experience

  1. How long have you been working in this law field?

  2. How much experience do you hold as a Professional truck accident attorney?

  3. How many truck accident cases have you handled in a year?

  4. Are you updated with the truck accident laws every time it’s changed?

  5. Do you also practice with some other type of cases? If Yes! How much % of you is focused on trucking industry?

  6. How many of your truck accident cases have you successfully won?

• Style Of Handling The Case?

  1. How do you believe in handling the case? What is your Style?

  2. What is your approach, providing options to your client and letting them decide which is one better? Or you directly instruct what must be done?

  3. How would you describe yourself as with your work?

• Estimation Of Your Case

  1. Do you believe that I have a strong case?

  2. How much compensation can be expected in my case?

  3. According to you what are the strengths as well as weakness in my case?

  4. What if my case goes on the trail? Will you be able to handle it well?

  5. Are there any cases you have won successfully on the trail?

  6. How long my case will take to come to a reasonable conclusion?

  7. According to you, do you believe that there is more than 1 party’s negligence?

  8. Is my case likely to come up with the settlement process easily?

  9. Will you be able to communicate well with the other parties?

  10. How good are you in negotiation? If my case needs communication with the insurance adjuster will be you be able to negotiate a fair settlement?

• Fees and Other Charges

  1. How are you going to charge me? Based on percentage?

  2. What if we do not settlement well and the case isn’t in our favor, are you still going to charge me?

  3. Is there any initial consultation charges?

  4. If you believe in charging the hourly rate? Can you provide me now with the exact amount?

  5. How do I need to pay you? Can you guide me with the form of payments?

  6. Are there any other legal expenses as well apart from the time we communicate? Please provide me a list of expenses?

• Management Of My Case

  1. Will you be the one managing the case personally

  2. Who else will be handling my case along with you? Do you have a team?

  3. How much experience does your team hold? And trusting them for my case can be a good deal?

  4. Can I communicate with you directly or do I need to take an appointment with your team?

  5. How will you stay connected with me apart from the meeting?

  6. How will I be updated on the case? Through the phone call, meetings or emails?

  7. What will be the best way to reach you if there is any urgency?

  8. Will you be the head expert truck accident attorney in New Jersey negotiating and communicating or there will be others as well?

• Finally Ending Up The Initial Consultation

Before winding up the meeting, ask your professional if you have any doubt or you have forgotten to ask any questions to them during the meeting. Make sure at the end you already have a set of mind related to the attorney. Once all the questions are answered properly you can move on with the further and show a green signal to the attorney, but if you are not satisfied with them, make sure you switch a new one and ask the same question. All you can do is prepare a list of good question mentioned in this article and ask them for a better idea.

Here Are Few Things That Can Help You Decide Whether The Attorney Is Worth Your Money And Case Or Not

  1. How trustfully the attorney answered each and every question of yours without giving you any bluff answers or irrelevancies.

  2. The expert truck accident attorney in New Jersey provided you each hand every answer with patience and a sound mind.

  3. While interacting with the professional you felt that the attorney was really compatible and knowledgeable.

  4. Also, they were very much confident, very much understandable, very much clear with the goals and specific about what must be done

  5. They hold a team of experienced professionals who are well versed with the trucking laws

  6. Also, they have amazing years of experience in this law and also they are well versed with complication.

Truck accident cases are really complicated; these cases can be handled easily with the professional truck accident attorney in New Jersey who is more aware of such laws. If you want real help, approach attorneys At the Bronsnick Law Firm. They have protected rights of any individual involved in the accidents. So they can surely get you the right compensation.

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