5 Sure Shot ways to leverage your Content as your Brand!


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  • Published May 7, 2018
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In my first few years of experience as a Content Strategist I was super excited to write on almost anything before I realized that the world of content does not work that way. You need to do enough research work on a particular topic so that when one is reading your content they don’t have to look anywhere for more information.

We tend to ask questions to those individuals from whom we are sure that we will get the desired answers. Communication and conversation is always best when it is 2 way. Give and take always enhances the quality of conversation. Your content should exactly be like conversation. You should be able to answer your target audience’s questions and yet leave them panting for more so that they get back to you through the feedback comment section. This will ensure that there is a healthy exchange of information. Although, it sounds quite tiring but in reality it is quite easy! In fact it helps to build a strong relation with your target audience segment. They know when they raise a question, you are there to answer.

We all learn new things when there is a healthy exchange of information. As a content strategist one of my major task is to keep track of what my competitors are up to especially if I am aiming to go for Leveraging Brand Tracking for the Success of the Content.

Brand tracking comes with the following advantages.

When you know what your competitor is, you automatically try to widen your reader base. But for that you need to know what you wish to communicate, to whom, with what purpose and finally what will it help you to achieve.

When you check out the contents used by your competitors you automatically get to know how they are marketing the contents. Do the same but do it better. Follow the principle of KISS Keep it Sweet and Simple. It really helps. The days of flowery language are gone. The trend is more towards direct communication with a benefit attached to it.

Don’t underestimate the power of the consumer. The Consumer is the King still holds true and good. Cater to their demand. Make them feel cherished and wanted and you will have them eating out of your hands.

There is no alternative to an engaging content. Always communicate no matter what. Make them feel a vital part of the journey. Ask for their advice and opinions at regular intervals. Allow them to help you grow so that both of you can grow in turn.

And to complete the circle, rely on Social Media. They are your Bestest friend. Don’t forget it ever!

Hi, my name is Anna Everson and I'm a certified content marketer and copywriter, so if you need someone to help me write my english essay, I can easily help you. I started my career in Toronto, but now I am working as a freelance copywriter in Cooksville, my hometown.

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