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  • Published May 28, 2018
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Interesting content creation plays an important part in successful brand marketing. While you may; write your own content, or have people do the writing for you, managing all this content can get time-consuming.

You need to collaborate and schedule the publishing of content at the right time, without any blunders like overlapping. This is why there are now content management tools that can help you ensure you make no problems while posting content. Five content management tools which are used today are:

  1. TruEdit

TruEdit is a cloud-based tool that lets users publish content from anywhere. It is a platform that manages your content and workflow so that you can focus more on content creation. It's perfect for people and businesses which require regular content publishing with the right flexibility and customization. It enables both small and medium-sized workgroups to produce, manage and schedule the posting and uploading of their content for various mediums including mobile, print, tablet and the web.

  1. CoSchedule

CoSchedule is considered today's #1 drag-and-drop marketing editorial calendar for Wordpress. It helps you organize and schedule your team's blog posts through the use of a single master calendar. It is this calendar that collaborates and streamlines your team's work and in the process, increases your productivity. Like for example, it is based on this calendar that it automatically sends messages to social networks and places your blog and social media.

  1. PostHeads

PostHeads is 100% user-friendly and manageable social media management tool that simplifies communication between writers, ciyelluies, and clients and maximizes post reach and effects. It's an all-in-one solution that helps improve your productivity through features like an integrated calendar, task manager, media bank, posting comments and much more.

It reduces the need for sending excessive emails between team members, and the risk of missing out on important information while keeping everyone up to date on their calendar.

  1. Content Launch

Content Launch is a content marketing platform that more than 300 expert writers and journalists use. It helps ease content marketing for marketing teams because you can manage, and distribute your content as required with a single click. You are at liberty of scheduling, planning and organizing all your individual and campaign content on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. And as the application comes with complimentary tools like Hubspot, PaperShare, HootSuite, and Outbrain you can also develop any content type you like while inviting others to the idea and creation steps.

  1. Promapp

Promapp is one of the simplest cloud-based process mapping systems around. It was created keeping everyday users in mind and helps large and medium-sized business create and share their content and information in real time through a central database. It's perfect for use in various industries like government, education, transportation, healthcare and retail. Everyone in these industries can collaborate on the process building phase and users can also control process variations across different regions and products.

With its personalised navigation feature, users can plan their processes based on their mode of operation. Other features worth mentioning are its collaboration-friendly system, and how it helps handle quality assurance, risk, and HR related matters.

Search TruEdit to find out more information about workflow management software and marketing enablement.

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