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The assumption of innocence is one of our main rights as Americans. No matter the circumstances, the law office of DeCarlis & Sawyer located in Gainesville Florida will assist you with your case. Criminal defense attorneys Decarlis & Sawyer can’t guarantee the results but they do can guarantee the process.

A properly prepared defense from a qualified attorney could reduce penalties and charges, or dismiss charges completely. While there is no requirement that you abide by our recommendations, you will benefit immensely from talking with a legal professional.

Recently, there has been an increase in the number of minors facing criminal charges. In Florida, any child under the age of 18 is considered a juvenile. If a child is under the age of 18 and arrested for a criminal charge, they will be tried in a juvenile court. However, if the crime is severe enough, charges could be brought against the child in adult court. If the child is brought to adult court, they could also face the same penalties an adult would, meaning the child could be sent to prison just like an adult.

Even if a child avoids adult court and is tried in juvenile court, the long-term consequences could still be devastating to their future. Even though records in juvenile court are not accessible to the general public, there are certain government agencies, schools, or employers have the ability to request copies of the records. To prevent any major strikes on a child’s record, parents should seriously consider hiring an expert criminal defense attorney.

Theft crime is on the rise as well. florida law defines theft as an act where a person knowingly acquires or uses the personal property of another, denies the owner of the property access to said property, or wrongfully uses another’s property for their own advantage. The harshness of the penalties for theft depends on the property that was stolen.

Types of Theft Crimes

Florida laws distinguish two types of theft crimes: petit theft and grand theft. The value of the stolen property usually determines the type of theft charged. Specific types of theft crimes handled at attorneys at law, DeCarlis & Sawyer in Gainesville Florida include:

• Burglary is the actual or intentional theft of property from inside a dwelling or residence. In the state of Florida, burglary crimes can either be considered a first, second, or third degree felony.

• Carjacking is when a person temporarily or permanently deprives the owner of a vehicle from operating that vehicle by use of force, assault, violence, or fear.

• Shoplifting is retail theft, and is defined by the possession of merchandise, property, money, or negotiable documents.

• Robbery includes strong arm robbery, robbery with a deadly weapon, robbery with a firearm, and even attempted robbery, sudden snatching, or home invasion robbery.

• Petty Theft is the unlawful taking of property valued less than $300.

• Grand Theft is the unlawful taking of property valued at more than $300. Grand theft is a felony offense.

To learn more about your legal rights in these types of difficult situations, please contact the Law Office of Decarlis & Sawyer, attorneys at Law in Gainesville for a free consultation. 352-371-3838 or you may visit our website at

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