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  • Published July 28, 2018
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Here are a few tips to remember when trying to make your break into the television industry:

• Have broad general knowledge: Keep up to date with news as it happens and the industry as it changes. Simply having an interest in current affairs will put you above others who are trying to make it in the industry.

• Always be on time: This applies to many careers, not just working in television. Though, it’s incredibly important to be on time as your presence will affect the work of others, including the lighting department, cameramen and even make up department.

• Be willing to work in rural areas: Again, this will put you above others competing to make it in the television industry. Showing your willingness to relocate for a position will have supervisors wanting to invest more time and resources into helping you develop your career.

• Always keep working on your communication skills: Though you may think you have your communication skills perfected, it’s important to be willing to always improve them. Whether it be having a clear speaking voice, developing your writing style or grammar, always keep working to be better.

Alternatively, if creating your own show is how you’re looking to get on television, there are many techniques for how you can pitch a TV show once you have developed a concept. These include:

• Submitting your material to appropriate companies who might be interested (try finding any contact details you can, whether it be phone numbers or email addresses).

• Network with people whenever you can. Though every relationship you make may not be beneficial in having your show recognised, they may know someone who can be of help.

• Have an effective pitch ready for when you are invited to sell your idea. Always be prepared to sell your show and talk about your hook (why is your show original), the audience (who are you targeting) and the ‘trailer’ (if you were to sell this show, what would you make sure to highlight).

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