Propulse Plastic Turbine Flow Meter Is The Perfect For Dosing Flow And Pulsating Flow


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  • Published August 12, 2018
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Chemical skid manufacturers and OEMs meter the chemical into the line to treat water and kill bacteria that formulate within the facility. Chemical metering pumps that pump acids and caustics have very low flow rates, and meter the chemical in doses, in other words, there are non-continuous flows. Paddlewheel flow meters and water meters will not be accurate in applications with dosing or pulsating flow rates, or low flow below 0.5 gallons per minute but the Pro-Pulse micro PVDF turbine flow meter is the cost-effective solution to much low flow or pulsating flow applications within the chemical dosing or water treatment industry.

With a PVDF body and turbine, and standard sapphire bearings the Pro-pulse micro PVDF turbine flow meter will cater to any acidic or caustic application that the chemical manufacturer or chemical skid manufacturer comes across. The Pro-pulse micro PVDF turbine flow meter will provide the client with a pulse output that can be run directly to a chemical metering pump or batch controller to dilute or blend chemicals together to create the desired acid or caustic chemical solution.

It is offered with a flying lead or M12 quick-disconnect electrical connection that will connect the Pro-pulse micro PVDF turbine flow meter to a power supply but also enable it to communicate via pulse output from the Pro-pulse micro PVDF turbine flow meter to a pump or batch controller.

It comes in sizes ranging from 3/8 inch to ½ inch and Truflo offers the Pro-pulse micro PVDF turbine flow meter with hose barb connections or threaded nation pipe thread connections on it. With catering to such low flow rates and pulsating flow situations the Pro-pulse micro PVDF turbine flow meter is one of a kind and the only chemical flow meter that will be able to provide a solution to your acid flow meter applications in your plant.

When you are looking for a paddlewheel or turbine chemical flow meter, look at the Pro-pulse micro PVDF turbine flow meter by Truflo. It is the most used industrial turbine chemical flow meter on today’s market. It’s the best and the most cost-efficient solution for chemical skid manufacturers.

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