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As much as every business has a goal of making the most of its products and programmes, they must understand also that the place of employee relations cannot be compromised; otherwise, the business is bound to fail right from the inside. Employees, especially millennials have a subtle way of impacting your business positively and negatively as well.

Largely enough, the atmosphere, orientation and culture that a business adopts continually and in a long run influences the attitude of employees at work place. From the time to they resume for the day to the time they close, to their attitudes towards clients or visitors to their quality of services and even to their level of productivity, generally.

Well that’s a more general scope, specifically however, codemint, an Information and Communication Technology community has a peculiar way of making its workplace millennial friendly. What do I mean? Workplace for this community of programmers is more than just a work place; it’s friendly for users who benefit from its programmes and products, friendly to remote workers who benefit from outsourcing and to the in-house team. All these were not achieved in a wink, it took a daily routine which later became a house style which and subsequently turned a company culture.

Following the needs of millennials, codemint have been able to harness such routines discussed below to make its workplace attractive to its employees;


As an ICT oriented company, collaboration is a work culture that codemint adopts. It has created a more open system by harnessing the daily tasks of its in-house team, freelancers, remote workers through outsourcing and crowdsourcing etc. towards achieving collective goals. This is made possible because they are focused on deploying possible smart Information communication and interactive tools that makes communication more effective.

When codemint hosted its #mint300 campaign, it threw it open to the public. This gave opportunity for programmers from all ends to express their expertise by building computer source codes. The result produced diversified computer sources codes with brilliant ideas from entirely different perspectives. None of those efforts came without a reward, however.

Grapevine Communication

The organizational board of this ICT entity is structured in a manner that almost everyone is at the same level. The communication process has remained informal and constantly creates room for opinions, suggestions and new ideas.

Meetings are held on regular basis so that everyone tables their challenges, ideas and work phase. This routine helps the management have everyone’s day to day activity handy including their personal affairs. That’s exactly what millennials need especially in this era of digitization. No one wants to be locked up anymore; people just wants to be given the right platform to express who they are, what they can do and explore their wildest dreams.


Every Friday at codemint is a game day; this practice is inspired by the famous quote that all work and no play makes Jack a Doll. This period of the week creates a great opportunity for employees to play games with the management. Now what this does to the psychology of the team is that they perceive the boss a team leader no longer as the "almighty" management.

Social Culture

In addition, this ICT company has adopted a social culture at workplace both online and offline. Whatever post is made on the company social media pages are shared by the employees. The frequent use of name tags, hash tags, mentions etc has improved the company’s social life individually and collectively.

Guided with this, everyone wants to contribute by developing their knowledge in that area of daily activity; everyone wants to have an audience who shares in their knowledge; that how much a social atmosphere helps a business not just codemint.

Just like codemint, any business enterprise that has not yet deployed one or two of these programmes is taking a bad risk. Although several flaws abound, the best of its programmes will be attained since it deployed the above listed work cultures as a blueprint.

Business establishments like appreciate the place of ICT and human resources in achieving its goals. More to who can benefit from codemint can be explored via

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