5 Tips to become a real estate photographer


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  • Published September 25, 2018
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Once you get your camera you have to ensure two things. One; you have to get a tripod. Second; you have to comfortable shooting with your camera. If you are shooting real estate photography in NJ, and an automatic or program mode in your DSLR, it's time to graduate to full manual. Shooting in full manual gives you complete control of the exposure of the photo. There are 3 settings that control exposure: shutter speed aperture and ISO. Changing one of the settings means you have to change the other two in order to compensate and create a properly exposed photo for the real estate drone services.

Step 1

First of all, to be able to take better real estate pictures, you have to get rid of your smartphone and get a decent camera. Buyers are bombarded with many pictures from properties every day. That is why you need to make sure that yours are appealing, stand out and properly represent your listing. After all, you owe that level of quality marketing to your client.

Step 2

In ISO, the ISO controls your camera sensitivity to light. A lower ISO decreases its sensitivity while a higher ISO increases its sensitivity. When shooting in a dark environment such as indoors would generally require a higher ISO. However, higher ISO tends to introduce noise into your image. In a real estate drone photography, we want the image to be as clean as possible and for the ISO should be set between 100 and 400.

Step 3

The aperture controls a depth of field or focus range at a particular focal length and focus distance. A larger aperture allows more light into the camera and creates a very shallow depth of field while a smaller aperture does the opposite. In real estate photographs, we want the entire image to be in focus and sharp. So the aperture must be between 7.1 to 11.

Step 4

The shutter speed controls the amount of time the shutter is open in order to capture light. A faster shutter speed lets in less light but can freeze motion, while a longer shutter speed allows more light but can cause blur. Since we are shooting indoors we must set a very long shutter speed. Shutter speed of 1 second or more won’t be uncommon in poorly lit rooms.

Step 5

All the lights in the room must be lit and all the ceiling fans must be turned off. It is to notice that we do not put too much emphasis on furniture. Shoot the room level in order to maintain vertical lines that means setting your tripod at about 4 to 4 and a half feet depending on lens and height ceilings. These basic techniques will start you on your way to capture better drone real estate photography NJ.

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