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  • Published October 12, 2018
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African Business has become quite a booming sector in the recent world.

Here I would like to quote an author:

"I once read about "the battle for control or the battle of the leadership of the world has always been waged most effectively at the idea provision level. An idea, whether it is right or wrong, that captures the minds of an all of a nation, a nation’s youth will soon work their way into every area of society, especially in our age in the multimedia. Given this, it is safe to say that a compelling or innovative idea that speaks to a nation’s youth is a very strong & powerful determinant of all future consequences". - Erika Amoako-Agyei.

Nevertheless, I would note down 3 places to get to know about review Africa and it’s business perspectives. These are so far the best and most reliable sites you would find.

  1. Olatorera.com

This site portrays all the listed companies and all sorts of business organizations in two columns. There is comprehensive information on all the institutions provided in the site. The site provides detailed information on each organization’s address, contact number, the web addresses, their social media links and a brief about what they do. Review Africa through this site and you will not miss a thing. You have a search place right on top of the home page, where you can search for your desired company or business along with a location and use filters. You will find hundreds of businesses and you can get information on any of them keenly.

  1. Issuu.com

This site is a place where readers are encouraged to publish their untold or unpublished stories. People can read here different stories according to their choice and they can publish their own write-ups. This is also a site which keeps small data and information on different topics. For instance, you will find comprehensive lists on business organizations reviews (Africa) here as well. You can search in the search bar of Issuu with the keyword African Business review and thousands of results will follow. This section is a leading digital media news source and it provides content for the C-level executives who are focused on business and more. It provides industry-specific news throughout the African continent.

  1. Africa Business Review

The African Business Review was established in 2010. Africa Business Review (ABR) was named one of the best sites for international business people recently by Masters In International Business.

African Business Review (ABR) examines out Africa's rising influences at present and future global marketplaces.

ABR tries to seek to arm the senior decision makers of the sector with the knowledge to understand the following:

  1. Changing dynamics of the African economies

  2. Partners and the investment opportunities that match the criteria

  3. how to position international brands to take advantage of the rise of the African consumer.

Regular features of ABR includes:

  1. Perspectives from the leading thinkers of Africa

  2. Interviews with the business leaders

  3. Analysis of the major events and the transitions

  4. Features those covering the major industry segments

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