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  • Author Linda Li
  • Published September 2, 2018
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Dental and oral health is one of the important things to note. Healthy teeth and mouth support optimal appearance.The parts in the mouth like gums and teeth should be treated and maintained so there will not be health problems that interfere your daily activities and performances. The mouth is the base of the human digestive system. Therefore, the mouth should be treated properly in order to always be healthy, especially the teeth. If the teeth are strong and healthy, the food will be chewed properly before getting into the digestive system. Food nutrition can be well absorbed.

X-ray is not a new thing in medicine. These rays were previously used to help to detect bone and lung health. Today many healthcare providers are selling dental X-rays machine to meet the needs of the dental world. X-rays are a form of high-energy electromagnetic radiation. X-rays can penetrate the body to form an image on the film. Dental X-ray is a useful diagnostic tool to help dentists. They can detect invisible damage and diseases during a routine teeth check. There are many advantages offered by this machine.

Here are the benefits of dental X-rays. First, it can know the number, size, and position of teeth. Second, it can know the presence and level of dental caries, tooth decay (such as periodontitis, and abscessed teeth). If you have an accident, dental X-rays machine can detect a cracked jaw, dental malocclusion, and other disorders teeth and bones jaw.

Now dental X-rays machine is available in several types of capabilities. There are rays that detect tooth decay and changes in bone thickness caused by gum disease.There is also a ray that is able to show the entire tooth. This ray detects unusual changes in the roots and surrounding bone structure areas. There is a ray that tracks the development and placement of the entire arch of either the maxillary or lower teeth. The other rays display the entire mouth area, both in the upper and lower jaws. How often do you have to do a dental X-ray examination? It all depends on your oral health, your age, and your risk of getting sick. Your dentist will review your dental health history.

He checks your mouth and then decides if you need to get a dental X-ray. However, you should do dental X-rays at least once. This is for your dental and oral health status. This could be the basis for helping to identify any changes that may occur later.

Although using X-rays, X-rays are safe. It uses low levels of X-ray exposure as the requirements of radiation use.

It is already set in each country. This requirement should also be met by manufacturers who sell medical devices using X-rays. Nonetheless, if you are pregnant, be sure to tell your dentist. Pregnant women should not be exposed to x-rays unless absolutely necessary. However, if you are forced to get it, a lead apron can be used to cover the body and reduce radiation exposure.I hope this information can help you to gain the healthy teeth.

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