Why Your Personal Injury Lawyer NJ Won’t Handle Your Case?


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  • Published September 27, 2018
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If you have suffered some serious injuries that are caused by an ignorance shown by another person, fighting against justice becomes your right. Now hunting for a personal injury lawyer is not an easy job, you have to go through a lengthy process as they may deny taking your case, here is why they won’t handle your case.

You may be injured and the reason behind the accident is clearly not your fault or you can say you are in a no-fault state, wherein the injuries incurred to you are complete because of the other person. Suffering injuries when it’s your mistake can be a different thing but when you are injured out of negligence shown by some other person, then the situation becomes serious. Identifying the person whom you should fight against and putting them behind the bars or getting them pays you the compensation is all that you should focus on as of now. But, when it comes to filing for an injury case, the challenge begins the moment you hunt out for a professional for your case. No lawyer will be ready to take your case, now you may be wondering why your case won’t be selected by these professionals, after all, it’s their job to take your case anyways. But depending upon your condition, situation, case, affordability, knowledge, and all these factors decides whether they will or they won’t. Specifically hiring a personal injury lawyer NJ could be beneficial as they have the sufficient information and knowledge with respect to the laws relating to the case.

But Without Any Further Ado, Let’s Just Discuss Why Your Case Is Not Their Priority:

• Statute Of Limitation Is Over

As we all are aware that laws have specific dates, times, deadlines, rules and regulation, if you don’t follow these laws as in violating it; you have to suffer the consequences too. Same goes with the statute of limitation, there are specific time limits that need to be followed in order to file a lawsuit, if you missed this deadline, as in if you are quite late in filing an injury lawsuit then you won’t get any chance in filing it later. So these cases are not going to be handled by your personal injury lawyer NJ. A professional will be of no help if the deadline is missed as the case will become invalidate and of no use. You cannot expect compensation, you cannot expect a case, and you cannot expect justice too.

• They Are Not Experienced In It

Now you have different professionals for different categories, for example, you may have a family lawyer who handles your family related issues; if you let them handle your personal injury case obviously they will disagree because they have no information or knowledge in this field. Similarly, if you own a business you have business professionals, they will disagree too to handle your injury case because they don’t hold sufficient knowledge of it. Not every lawyer is an expert in every type of law related work you need from them. It is better you decide to look for professionals who actually deals in injury cases because they have learned the laws, have experience in it.

• You Hold A Lot Of Blame On You

You may assume that the other party was partially involved in the accident and then you expect a lot of amount as a recovery. Now when you have high demands and of course it is proved that you were equally responsible, both things won’t go hand in hand with your case. A professional personal injury lawyer NJ will simply deny providing you the fair amount because they believe that the case is baseless, they may learn your case and then say a no because even if they try to fight the most in the court, the evidence and every other sort of proofs states you were more guilty. In such cases, you can either keep your expectations really low or you can plan for settlement out of court.

• Less Injury / Damage

Of course, I have heard a lot of cases where the injuries were very less, really little or no damages to the victim and still they recovered the compensation for the little number of problems they have incurred. Well, there are also cases where the same situation has occurred but they didn’t get the compensation because the case was not that strong. It depends entirely upon the way your professional represent your case in the court. The lawyer may agree to take your case for such condition, at the same time they may disagree because you have suffered really less injuries and recovering a small amount may not be their protocol and they might not take cases that have little hope for recovery.

• No One Is Liable

Whenever there is an accident, almost every victim assumes that someone is liable for the cause, even if there wasn’t any negligent party, you may claim some or the other person at fault. This can be a no-fault state, where the accident may have occurred, you may get injuries but it has resulted due to the act of God. You cannot control the nature, nature’s happening is uncontrollable, the injuries may have incurred if the weather was very bad, or any tree fall off all of a sudden from anyone’s property. Now in such a situation you cannot put blame on anyone and held them responsible for paying you the amount. For such reason, the professional personal injury lawyer NJ you are planning to hire may simply deny your case because there is no chance for recovery, in fact, no one can be responsible for the recovery. For all this reason you have to first understand whether you actually have the case or no. If you don’t have a case, you can any which ways won’t be eligible to file a lawsuit.

Now that you know everything about why a professional can’t deny taking your case, it is best you first learn about your case and then plan on further procedures.

A personal injury lawyer NJ can be a great help to you, but only if you have a proper case you are eligible to seek help from them. If you feel after reading the article that there are no such possibilities in your case and you actually have a genuine case, make the right call first.

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