How constant currency fluctuation affects your tour plans

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  • Published September 28, 2018
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There are many things that influence travel trends, and one is the travel and tourism industry itself. By studying survey results and research, travel media may set trends. They may do this by promoting some destinations over others.

If you are making travel plans at the moment, you will be having a look at packages offered by tour companies or agents. If this is the case, you will see how some destinations are being boosted not by one or two tour companies but by most of them. There are many factors that go into these travel trends set by travel media.

The global economy also has a significant influence over travel trends, as do currency exchange rates. So travel trends will shift depending on how much travellers can spend and also the exchange rate of their local currency to the currency of their holiday destination.

Before you go on holiday or decide on where to travel to, you will check foreign currency exchange rates. If you are travelling from London to a foreign country, you would want to have an idea of current exchange rates London. So how do these constant currency fluctuations affect your travel plans?


The appreciation of the British pound has positive effects on British travellers looking at foreign destinations. If you are planning outbound travel from London, you can visit the Monex International UK website to view the current exchange rates London.

Say you are planning a holiday to Thailand. Today, you may get 42 Thai Baht for a Pound, but if the value of the Pound rises, you will get more Baht per Pound.

If you don’t live in the UK but are planning to travel to London for a holiday with family, the appreciation of the Pound will make you reconsider the destination. When you convert your local currency to Pounds according to current exchange rates London, you’ll be receiving a smaller amount than before the appreciation of the Pound.


What happens when the value of the Pound decreases? For British travellers, this means more domestic holidays. When the Pound falls, you will receive less during conversion to foreign currency. You can go to a money exchange UK with the best rates, but you will still be getting much less that what you would have prior to the depreciation. Since those travelling for pleasure wouldn’t want to spend more than the usual for their travels, tour companies would also promote more local destinations. So if you are from the UK, you may want to think local when the Pound isn’t doing well.

The depreciation of the Pound is good for those travelling to the UK for a holiday. Tour groups will promote the UK and sell it as a popular destination. If you are visiting London, you can go to Monex International UK for the best money exchange UK rates.

Planning and budgeting

For the regular traveller, currency fluctuation is only a concern when converting currency. If you are planning a holiday, you are bound to make flight and hotel reservations well ahead of time. If you’ve opted for a tour package, you would have had to make a payment weeks in advance. So currency fluctuations won’t have a huge effect on how much you pay to a travel company or for flights and hotels.

Your travel plans will be affected by currency fluctuations while you are actually on holiday. Currency exchange rates London may change during your stay, and this is especially noticeable if the fluctuations are significant.

If you are lucky, however, constant currency fluctuations won’t be major and will thus have little effect on any foreign currency exchange you will be required to do.

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